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Swampgator75Now, if they just come back this week!

4 weeks ago

  • ClintMan those are some nice bucks there!! Thanks for sharing and good luck getting the stud on the right4 weeks ago


1 month ago

    ClintMeet Cindy

    2 months ago

      ClintGot a new scope for this coming deer season. Going to get it sighted in shortly. Already looking forward to next season!

      4 months ago

        ClintCoastal SC Turkey Hunt

        We traveled to the Conway area for a last weekend of the season turkey hunt with my friend Justin Brooks and we had a blast…

        5 months ago

        ClintJ-Love Jake Smackdown

        Sometimes the turkeys don’t do what you think they’re going to do and that’s exactly what happened in this hunt…


        HoskinsSeen this gem in the paper today. http://www.heraldonline.com/news/state/south-carolina/article67816142.html


        • Folsom Plantation Rod & gun ClubIts at least a start with getting after these non native killers. I have been told Virginia DNR allocates 250,000 dollars as bounty money paying out 200.00 per coyote until the money is depleted. Do not know if that is a fact.3/24/2016

        • ClintThanks for sharing. That is great news to me. We've gone turkey hunting 2 weekends in a row and not heard any turkeys, but yet shot 2 coyotes and saw 3. I'm glad the state is getting active on this. 3/25/2016

        ClintTech-Turkey Brings In Coyotes

        Opening day of turkey season 2016 brought an interesting experience. Coyotes tried to attack the decoy.


        scspearfisherIs anyone predator hunting around union county?


        • ClintSCPearFisher - I'm not sure of specific individuals around union county ( I assume you are speaking of Union County, SC), but I know there are a few coyote hunters in the Spartanburg area that are involved in our annual competition. Also, it will be helpful if you look on the Coyote Competition page. Each hunter's county is listed with their team.2/16/2016

        • scspearfisherThanks yeah i think i like to meet some locals and see how things are going for them. Is there anyone pushing to open up sc wma lands to hunting year round? Just seams public hunting lands should be open to well hunting...3/4/2016

        Clint2016 Coyote Competition Winners

        The weather made it tough this weekend, but nevertheless some hunters still got coyotes on the ground!


        Gavin JacksonCoyote Gear

        In this blog entry Robbie Boone reviews some of the products we use when coyote hunting


        Gavin JacksonCalling Coyotes

        This blog entry is all about calling coyotes. If you’ve never called for coyotes this video is for you and should help you get a general understanding of how to call coyotes


        Gavin JacksonCoyote 101

        In this blog entry we share the Coyote 101 video that will help you understand general principles of coyote hunting


        Gavin JacksonHunting Coyotes Helps Everyone

        In this blog entry we share interviews from a hunter and a farmer detailing damage coyotes are doing to their game and livestock


        JTHAGACan you duck hunt lake wateree on Sundays?


          Furtaker843Got a few pics of him. Hopefully he'll give a chance before the season ends


          • ClintNice! I've got a few of those coming around as well... hope to catch one slipping soon12/27/2015

          ClintBass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee with Mark King

          This past weekend I was down in Florida for work so we hooked up with a guide and went bass fishing…


          ClintFirst day of legal doe shooting I dropped this one right near the corn pile. #Meat


          twinrivershunterBeen watching him grow.


          • ClintWow! Very nice there...12/1/2015

          ClintThe Streak Continues: The Thanksgiving 8 Point!

          For the last 2 Thanksgiving holidays I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest 2 nice bucks and the streak continued this year


          ClintIntroducing the Tech Turkey & Internet Controlled Decoys

          I’ve been hacking on decoys lately. Check out the first creation, the turkey decoy that you can control from your smart phone, tablet, or anywhere on the internet!




            ClintHaven't seen this one until now




                Jrinerbuck 2


                  Jrinerbuck 1




                    • ClintI got the same thing happening on one of mine!11/18/2015

                    JrinerReady for the Predator Challenge. Watching my deer scatter due to coyotes is getting old.


                    • ClintYessir we got to get rid of all of them...11/18/2015

                    Gavin JacksonReel Determined Outdoors, A Deer Hunt, and A Happy Youngster

                    The story of a new outdoor store, a great deer hunt, and one excited youngster!


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                    KILSOCK KING
                    KILSOCK KING
                    Crazy deer
                    Crazy deer
                    Meet Cindy
                    Night owl
                    Night owl
                    Got a few pics of him. Hopefully he'll give a chance before the season ends

                    Recent Deer Pics

                    First 2015 deer
                    First 2015 deer
                    Shot this 8 point Monday evening right before dark. First one with the AR. Time to pull the bow out now!
                    Opening Day Doe
                    Opening Day Doe
                    First day of legal doe shooting I dropped this one right near the corn pile. #Meat
                    Buck Rubbing Does Back
                    Buck Rubbing Does Back
                    This doe is making the buck work hard
                    White tail deer
                    White tail deer
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                    Nice Buck
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