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ClintUsing the Defective Pixel Repair Feature in Pulsar Thermal Optics

Have you ever seen a small pixel in your Pulsar Thermal optic’s screen that you wish wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb? If you fire your gun a lot these pixels-that-need-repair occasionally occur, but fear not, Pulsar has anticipated this and provided a way to resolve it. I had one on my screen for a few months before I investigated it and the good news is that it’s simple to correct!

1 day ago

Cherokee Sportsman Our club still has openings in Cherokee County near Gaffney SC. For 2019. Contact
Floyd Coyle for details 864-491-2638.

5 days ago

    Clint7 Benefits of Having a Thermal Monocular

    A thermal monocular offers several benefits, some of which you may not initially consider. After having used a thermal monocular for over 2 years, I’d like to share some of the ways I use it to get an edge in the field and some ways you may not have thought about using a thermal monocular before.

    3 weeks ago

    Cherokee Sportsman The Cherokee Sportsman has several openings for the 2019 Deer and Turkey season. Dues are $1200. Contact us for details.

    1 month ago

      ClintAdam Smith & Clint Patterson Named to 2019 Pulsar Pro-Staff

      We are excited to announce that two of our WeHuntSC.com members are now Pulsar Pro-Staff members. Adam Smith and I were recently selected to the Pro-Staff team and we are excited to see what 2019 has in store. As you have likely seen in our posts, our team has been doing a lot of night hunting lately and we use Pulsar scopes on our setups. We’ve been putting a lot of time into the images and videos we share from the hunts and Pulsar has recognized.

      1 month ago

      CMIs there going to be a predator challenge this year and what are the dates if so?

      2 months ago

      • ClintThere is no predator challenge this year.1 month ago

      Casey Hughes Good ol Conway

      3 months ago

        Mailman29680My son's big sow.

        3 months ago

        • ClintWow that thing is huge! Thanks for sharing... how much did it weigh?3 months ago

        Clint2018 Veteran’s Hunt

        This year we wanted to give back in some way and show our appreciation for our military, specifically those who now suffer some type of injuries or disability due to their service. We had our first Veteran’s Hunt and it was a great event that ended up with a hog on the ground!

        4 months ago

        Sfinley357 Little spike I thought was a doe. First of the year.

        4 months ago

          Sfinley357 9 point. Killed in Greenwood.

          4 months ago

            Sfinley357 9 point killed in Greenwood.

            4 months ago

              ClintDo you know a disabled veteran who likes or wants to hunt? If so, be sure to let them know about our Disabled Veteran Hunt opportunity! http://www.wehuntsc.com/Vets


                Gavin JacksonHunting Coyotes Helps Everyone

                In this blog entry we share interviews from a hunter and a farmer detailing damage coyotes are doing to their game and livestock


                ClintSouth Carolina Nuisance Hog Removal

                Another local farmer contacted us with hog problems. We are constantly amazed at the damage hogs do to people’s property, farms, and ultimately their livelihoods. We’ve seen people go out of business because of the damage that hogs cause and of course we don’t mind hunting them!


                ClintNew Year’s Eve Split Brow Tine 12 Point

                After a long season I finally crossed paths with one of the big bucks I’d been chasing on New Year’s Eve, the next-to-last day of hunting season in SC. This blog is the long-winded story of how it all went down.


                C.J. Addison18 7/8 inside 21 3/4 outside killed behind my house I Lancaster sc


                • ClintAwesome deer! Congrats.. 1/2/2018

                John SharpSharpie Pulsar Scope
                Just got my Pulsar X38 scope. Having trouble sighting in. Can anyone help? I live in the upstate but willing to travel.


                • ClintJohn,

                  Have you looked at any of the videos on YouTube for how to do this? They offer a lot of insight. Once you get used to it, it's not that bad. It's just getting familiar with the interface is all. It did take us a few times before we understood it. I would recommend sighting it in a few times to get the hang of it. Also, I would recommend putting ice cubes in a zip-loc bag and nailing it to the target. I prefer the freeze-frame zooming option. You just aim at the target, shoot, then wherever the bullet hole was... move the X & Y crosshairs up to the hole and lock it in.12/4/2017

                • John SharpThanks Clint. I will try that. Which method did you use to sight in your rifle?
                  In addition, there was a bill going through the SC legislature offering a $1000 bounty on coyotes. Have you heard about it?12/4/2017

                • ClintJohn, I used the "freeze-zero" method to sight it in. I hope that is true about that bill. I thought it was previously voted down... maybe there's a new one.12/4/2017

                ClintBlack Friday Buck

                I’ve been hunting hard this season and letting a lot of deer walk in hopes of connecting with a big one. The day after Thanksgiving I was finally able to get it done and I even had Coach Sam Mungo in the stand with me. It was a great hunt!


                C.J. AddisonWhat do y'all think this deer will score


                  Swampgator75Now, if they just come back this week!


                  • ClintMan those are some nice bucks there!! Thanks for sharing and good luck getting the stud on the right11/14/2017

                  Justin RI hope this one comes Saturday for the kids


                    EJSchulzHi guys looking for someone to shoot or trap some Coyotes over by Augusta. They have killed a pet Deer land owner is upset. Call or Text Eddie Schulz 843-229-0191 and i will get you in-contact with land owner


                      Justin RWent to put out corn today and about had a bad day. Hurry up and get here winter.


                        Gavin JacksonBrothers Double-Up on a First Buck Hunt

                        My two youngest sons went hunting trying to get the youngest his first buck.This blog details the story of how they doubled up and both got a buck in an interesting hunt.


                        South Carolina Hog Problems - Contact Us

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                        Trail cam pic
                        Good ol Conway
                        10 point down
                        10 point down
                        10 point
                        Watch your step
                        Watch your step
                        Went to put out corn today and about had a bad day. Hurry up and get here winter.

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                        Little spike
                        Little spike
                        Little spike I thought was a doe. First of the year.
                        9 point. Killed in Greenwood.
                        9 point killed in Greenwood.
                        10 point
                        10 point
                        10 point
                        10 point
                        10 point
                        18 7/8 inside 21 3/4 outside killed behind my house I Lancaster sc
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