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2018 Predator Competition: Jan 5 - 7

The 2018 Predator Challenge will be held on Jan 5-7. The check-in will be held at Sportsman's Warehouse which is located at 476 Piney Grove Rd, Columbia, SC 29210. We've had several Predator Challenges and the competition & sport of predator hunting continues to grow. We hope you'll join in with us on this weekend of fun & hunting. There is no cost to enter the competition. It's completely free to participate.

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Sportsman's WareHouse, Columbia SC


Prizes (Constantly Being Updated)

1st Place Typical

  • 1st Place Typical Plaque

1st Place Night Vision

  • 1st Place Night Vision Plaque 

Big Dawg

  • Big Dawg Winner Plaque

Small Dawg

  • Small Dog Winner Plaque 

2018 Competition Rules

  • All teams must be preregistered online ... online registration starts November 16th and ends on Jan 5th at 3pm (at start of competition)
  • 4 members per team maximum
  • There is no fee to enter, participation is completely free 
  • All members must be licensed hunters
  • Teams using night vision must indicate they are using night vision as we have a Night Vision award class this year
  • All predators must be checked in at the Sportsman’s Warehouse between 2pm and 3pm on Jan 7, 2018 
  • Contest hunting hours begin at 3pm Jan 5th, 2018
  • Winner will be announced around 3:15pm Jan 7th, 2018
  • Winner will be determined on a point system and each coyote is worth 20 points            
  • Competition is COYOTE-ONLY. Bobcats and foxes brought to the check-in will NOT earn your team any points
  • A tie will be determined by number of coyotes and then by weight of coyotes.  If tie still remains first team to enter competition wins
  • If there is a tie in weight in the "Big Dog" competition then the tie will be broken by the weight of the 2nd coyote, then 3rd, and so on until we run out of coyotes
  • Hunters must abide by all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  Any violations will result in automatic disqualification
  • Out of state hunters are welcome to compete
  • All animals must be fresh. No frozen animals will be accepted
  • No road kills, trapping, hunting over bait, or dog hunting
  • All animals are subject to inspection, especially coyotes with scars, markings, abrasions, and cuts around their feet and ankle area
  • No pooling of predators
  • Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified and banned from future competitions
  • Be safe, responsible, honest, and respectful
  • The first 25 teams to register receive 3 points to their total competition score!

Learn More About Coyote Hunting

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Predator Competition Teams

Team WeHuntSC

Clint Patterson 
Gavin Jackson 
Jason Fararooei 
Adam Smith 

Team Sponsor
Dog Gone

Lydia ,
Winston Melton 
Adam Gardner 
Hunter Hardwick 

Team Sponsor
Seersucker Gypsy  

Dane Mullis 
John Baucom 
Bobby Cook 
Dusty Horne 

Team Sponsor

Charlie Byrd 
Cory Byrd 
Chance Hucklebee 
Gary Byrd 

Team Sponsor
Bulleit Boys

Fort Mill,
David Sweem 
Chris Springs 

Team Sponsor
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