Tech Turkey - The Decoy You Can Control Through Your Smartphone

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About the Tech-Turkey & Internet Controlled Decoys

This page contains information and updates about the technology powering the Tech-Turkey:

Questions I've Already Been Asked:

  • What kind of battery does the decoy use: It uses a re-chargeable battery with USB output
  • How much does the decoy cost: They are not for sale currently
  • Do I have to connect to the internet: No, the decoy can be programmed to simply start moving when powered on. The only thing is that you lose control by not being connected. It still works, but you can’t push a button on your phone and make it move. It will move on timed cycles
  • What decoy shells can be used: I’ve used a Montana Decoy "Miss Purrfect" shell in this implementation but any flexible decoy shell can potentially be used









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