South Caroling Nuisance Hog Removal

Nuisance Hogs

Hog Damage - WeHuntSC Nuisance Hog RemovalNuisance hogs have become a real problem for land owner, farmers, and hunters due to the damage hogs cause to crops, fields, and land in general. Within days a pack of hogs can totally destroy crop fields and land. Once hogs are on your property the clock is ticking.

We can help.

We use cutting edge thermal technology to help remove these problematic hogs from your land. We work alongside and in tandem with trappers and SCDNR when gaining depredation permits is required. We abide by all night-hunting, state, and SCDNR rules and we keep land owners and farmers informed of what we are encountering and when we come, go, and success rates.


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Our Gear


We only use the best gear! We use Anderson Arms rifles with integrated RF-85 technology along with cutting edge thermal technology from Pulsar. With this integrated technology we instantly locate hogs as they arrive and can even locate them 2,000 yards out if needed. We're also able to video each hunt so that we can show you, the land owner, exactly what happened on our hunt. This also gives you an idea of what is happening on your land, how many hogs you are dealing with, and where they are coming and going. 

Our setup is the best in class and helps us be most effective & efficient. We've found that using lights on scopes sometimes deters hogs and startles them, ultimately resulting in less effective hunts. When you really need to ensure your hog problems are handled you need someone using thermal technology. 

Want to go on the hunt with us?
If you're a land owner and would like to experience the hunt we are able to live-stream the footage to mobile devices as the hunt occurs. That is, you can sit with us and watch the hunt from your phone or tablet.

Pulsar Thermal Imaging Sights