Processing Plants

Once you've harvested your game, you may want to take it to a processing plant.  See the list below for processors in your area. 

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Angelus Deer Processing
Glen Knight
 430 Rock Creek Church Road, Jefferson South Carolina, 29718
 843.658.6160 (work) 843.680.0289 (cell)
Meat Cuts
  • Hamburger 
  • Bacon Burger 
  • Onion Burger 
  • Sausage (Mild, Medium, & Hot) 
  • Link Sausage 
  • Onion Sausage 
  • Roasts (Bone-in / Bone-out) 
  • Stew Meat 
  • Cube Steak 1/2" or 3/4" Steaks 
  • Butterfly Loins 
  • Whole Loins 
  • Sliced Loins 
  • Meatloaf 
  • Deer Chops
Specialty Items
  • Snack Sticks (Regular or Jalapeño & Cheese)
  • Summer Sausage 
  • Smoked Sausage 
  • Jerky (Regular-Teriyaki-Hot)
  • 40 cent / lb 
  • $15 Skin-Gut
Wamble Hill Deer Processing
Richard Carnes
 2400 Wamble Hill Road, Chesterfield South Carolina, 29709
 Phone # 843-634-6492 Email: [email protected]
Meat Cuts
  • Cube Whole Loins 
  • Sliced Loins 
  • Steaks 
  • Stew Meat 
  • Sausage (Stuffed or Loose) - Reg, Mild, Hot, 
  • Maple Onion Burger 
  • Bacon Burger 
  • Regular Burger 
  • Meatloaf 
  • Bratwurst
Specialty Items
  • All deer cleaned and brought in whole or in cooler = $40 
  • All deer uncleaned start at $50 (price rises per weight of deer) 
  • Skinning fee is included in prices Cape fee = $20
Rocky Creek Deer Processing
Ricky & Alicia Williford
 16628 US Hwy 21, Great Falls South Carolina, 29055
Meat Cuts
  • Burger with or without fat 
  • Sausage hot - med - mild - extra sage 
  • Roast Chops 
  • Cube steak Ribs 
  • Backstraps anyway 
  • Tenderloins anyway 
  • Sliced thin for jerky (not cooked)

* All our meat is double wrapped in marked, 1 pound packs that are frozen when ready to be picked up
Specialty Items
 Specialty items such as breakfast bacon & brats are all per pound items
  • We charge $60 for everything. This price includes deboning & cleaning 
  • No extra charge for capes 
Harvin Choice Meats
Sep & Scott Harvin
 920 Eastland Avenue, Kingstree South Carolina, 29566
 Phone: 803-775-9367 or 1-800-849-6328 Fax: 803-775-9369 Email: [email protected].
Meat Cuts
  • Bulk Fresh Sausage 
  • Link Fresh Sausage (5# box) 
  • Smoked Sausage (5# box) 
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Smoked Sausage (5# box) 
  • Summer Sausage (2.5# stick) 
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage (2.5# stick) 
  • Bologna (2.0# stick) 
  • Snack Sticks (1# packs) 
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Snack Sticks 
  • Onion Steak Patties (85/15) 
  • Slab Bacon (4#) 
  • Sliced Slab Bacon
Main facility is located in Sumter. The Kingstree plant does NOT offer skinning capabilities or a skinning shed. Dressed carcasses are accepted during business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Meat to be processed into smoked, summer sausage, or bologna is sent to Sumter plant and returned to Kingstree after processing.
Specialty Items
  • Cubing .65 lb. 
  • Venison Bulk Fresh Sausage .75 lb. 
  • Venison Link Fresh Sausage (5# box) 7.50 box 
  • Venison Smoked Sausage (5# box) 9.00 box 
  • Venison Jalapeno & Cheese Smoked Sausage (5# box) 10.25 box 
  • Venison Summer Sausage (2.5# stick) 1.85 lb. 
  • Venison Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage (2.5# stick) 2.15 lb. 
  • Venison Bologna (2.0# stick) 1.85 lb. 
  • Venison Snack Sticks (1# packs) 4.25 lb. 
  • Venison Jalapeno & Cheese Snack Sticks 5.00 lb. 
  • Venison Onion Steak Patties (85/15) 10.00 box 
  • Venison Slab Bacon (4#) 10.00 box 
  • Venison Sliced Slab Bacon 5.00 per pound 
One Price Deer Processing
David Reid
 1, Charleston South Carolina, 29749
 803.230.0983 ...or.... 803.684.0504
Meat Cuts
Specialty Items
Backwoods Processing
Brandon Talbert
 1085 Darby Road , Chester South Carolina, 29706
 Brandon cell- 1-803-374-4671 Home & Deer Cooler -1-803-581-7109 Randy 1-803-385-8151
Meat Cuts

We Charge $50.00 to Skin & Gut and Process , Hamburger  and your Tenderloin - Whole, Sliced , Cubed or Butterflied .

We Charge $70.00 for the works. Burger, cube steak, roast, tenderloin and stew meat that includes skinning and gutting.

We have the Cleanest Facility around!!!!!

We have a Taxidermist on hand for mounts and questions.


Burger - Fat or No Fat  ( No Extra Charge For Fat)

Tenderloin - Whole, Sliced , Cubed or Butterflied

Cube steak

Roast - Neck, Front Shoulder , Rear Hind

Stew Meat

Deer Steaks

Anything you would like we do custom cuts also. For example we have a customer who likes bone in tenderloin so they are cut like pork chops. ( No Extra Charge)


Specialty Items

Cooked Products.

Summer Sausage: Plain , Pepper and Cheese

Snack Sticks: Plain , Pepper and Cheese

Bologna: Plain , Pepper and Cheese

Jerky (Sliced Meat Not the Burger Crap): Teriyaki, Cajun, Original , Mesquite and Pepper.

Breakfast Sausage: Mild or Hot. ( Taste like sausage not hamburger meat.)

Brats , Salisbury steak, Bacon Burger , Smoked Hams, Marinated Steaks.




Buffalo Swamp Deer Processing & Taxidermy
John Criminger
 Hwy 157 Buffalo/Mt Pisgah area, Kershaw South Carolina, 29067
Meat Cuts
Specialty Items
K&M Processing
Mark Phillips
 5297 Hwy. 265 , Ruby South Carolina, 29741
 843-680-4209 (Mark) 843-517-9919 (Kyle)
Meat Cuts
Specialty Items
Hamilton Outfitters Taxidermy & Deer Processing
Chip Hamilton
 209 McNeely Rd, Piedmont South Carolina, 29673
Meat Cuts
Specialty Items
Peach Orchard Deer Processing LLC
Roy Floyd
 3760 Peach Orchard Rd, Dalzell South Carolina, 29040
Meat Cuts


Deer, hogs, cows, alligators

Specialty Items
Red Cap Deer Processing
Darlene Taylor
 185 Corner Rd, Belton South Carolina, 29627
Meat Cuts

Cubed steak; roasts; tenderloin (whole, cubed, sliced, butterflied); burger (no fat, with fat, bacon); sausage (mild, med, hot); stew meat;

Specialty Items

$80 includes skinning, gutting and basic cuts include cubed, tenderloins, roasts, stew meat, burger with no fat

Burger with fat- $2 per lb (5 lb minimum)

Sausage- $2 per lb (5 lb minimum)

Mungo's Deer Processing
Devin Mungo
 3527 Rocky River Road, Heath Springs South Carolina, 29058
Meat Cuts

Ground Burger with/without fat

Bacon Burger

Cube Steak 

Stew meat

Hot/Mild Sausage

All Roasts

Deer Steaks

Whole or Sliced Loins


Specialty Items

Smoked Products 

Smoked Sausage


Snack Sticks

Pickled Snack Sticks

Snack Sticks Cheese/Peppers

Summer Sausage


Summer Sausage Cheese/Peppes

Link Sausage


Peppered Bacon