Food Plot Journey


Welcome to the "Food Plot Journey" brought to you by Tecomate Seed &  During this journey members of the team will document the steps, experiences, and journey of creating and managing a Tecomate Seed food plot.  We will blog our way through this journey and Mike Lee, the Tecomate Seed Southeastern representative, will guide and instruct us on the appropriate measures and procedural steps for creating and managing a food plot.  

So stay tuned throughout the off-season as we will document what we learn, the errors we make, the good things we do, and also the images we get from the food plots via game cams and video. It should be an interesting journey to say the least.  Mike has also offered to give a seminar that will be open to the public on this initial visit to Pageland. More details will come on this, but just know that it will be around late April / early May.

Here's the plan:

We're going to plant 3 different Tecomate Seed products on 3 different tracks of land. These will all be small food plots and will all showcase new, feature Tecomate Seed products. We are going to have "exclusion fences" on these food plots so as to show the audience what is happening.We will link to every blog from the Food Plot Journey below.

Best Regards,

The team


Food Plot Journey Blog Entries:

  1. Tecomate Seed Partners with for online "Food Plot Journey"  
  2. Food Plot Journey Introduction
  3. Collecting a Soil Sample
  4. Soil Sample Readout
  5. GroundHog MAX and Remote Food Plot Work
  6. Liming the Food Plot
  7. Preparing to Seed
  8. Planting the Seed
  9. Milorganite
  10. Planting Seed & Milorganite (Remote Food Plot Edition)
  11. Exclusion Fences (Remote Food Plot Edition)
  12. Fertilizing the Food Plot (Remote Food Plot Edition)
  13. Food Plot Update
  14. It's Time for Another Soil Sample + Remote Food Plot Update
  15. Tecomate Update: Mike Lee takes on new role
  16. Update: Game Camera Pics from 2 Tecomate Seed Food Plots
  17. More Fall Plot Soil Samples + Spraying
  18. GroundHog MAX work on the Fall, Remote Food Plot
  19. Fall Food Plot - Preparing the Soil
  20. Liming & Seeding the Fall Food Plots
  21. Fertilizing the Fall Food Plots
  22. Remote Food Plot Update
  23. The Hunt of 1,000 "What If's"
  24. Food Plot Update - December
  25. Tecomate Seed Foot Plot Journey Wrap-Up - Example Soil Sample Readout - Find Your Local Cooperative Extension - Food Plot Quick Guide