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Tecomate Seed Partners with WeHuntSC.com for online Food Plot Journey
We are excited to announce that we've been in communications with Tecomate Seed and will embark on a yearlong "Food Plot Journey". This "Food Plot Journey" will detail food plot management from day one and continue for a year.  We will start this journey this coming January.  
Mike Lee, the Southeastern representative from Tecomate Seed, will be making some trips to South Carolina throughout the journey with his first trip being the most important.  Mike is going to come up and instruct us on how to properly create, install, & manage a Tecomate Seed food plot.  Have no fear if you are not educated about food plot management because I HAVE NO IDEA about this and will be writing my blog entries from the perspective of a pure novice! Web guys don't spend much time out on tractors or spreading seed, but hey, I?m up for anything!  More details on the journey will come later.
Though, we do want to go ahead and mention that Mike has agreed to give a presentation that is open to the public when he comes to Pageland.  So, we will host a seminar where Mike gives a presentation on Tecomate Seed food plot products and food plot management with a question & answer session afterwards.  This will be in late April or early May and we will set a solid date as the times draws closer.  
WeHuntSC.com team member Adam Smith will spearhead the "Food Plot Journey". If you have any questions or want information on the seminar, contact him at Adam.Smith@WeHuntSC.com


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