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Fishing with Tuna Fever
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I usually leave the blogging to the other guys and spend most of my time putting the competitions together, but last weekend I had an experience that I wanted to share with everyone.  I went on our annual deep sea fishing trip in North Carolina with some friends and my father.  This is the 14th year that we have gone with the same group of guys and we had a blast.  It?s a ?guy?s weekend? that we look forward to every year and this year would continue the trend.  We all work in the building material business so it is also a day where no one can get a hold of us by phone.  This, of course, doesn?t happen much more these days.  

We left out of the docks on the Tuna Fever with Capt. Billy Maxwell at about 5am.  After a 2 hour run we put the lines out and said some prayers.  It only took 10 minutes before we had 3 tight lines with polls bending over.  I jumped up and hooked up in the side chair.  Billy yelled out ?Amber Jacks? and, as you can see in the video below, they were nice size.

After getting three amber jacks in the boat it was off for more trolling for fish.   It was almost an hour later when 3 rods bent over again.  I didn?t get the opportunity to hop in one of the chairs this time, but Big Ed (my father) just happened to already be in one.  Billy yelled out ?I think we got some Tuna? and those where the word that I wanted to hear.   I don?t know about you, but Tuna is the #1 fish on my hit list.  I love to eat it cooked, raw, and on sushi.  As you can see on the next video they were nice size.  I can?t remember all the details, but I Big Ed wanted to take a nap after bringing this tuna into the boat.  It wore him out.

After about 1 ½ hr of trolling Capt. Billy asked if we wanted to take a hr ride to a spot he  thought would be great for Dolphin.  At this point we were ready for a change of pace so we said ?LET?S RIDE?.  Oddly enough, there was big patch of grass just floating in the water.  We started trolling beside it and we could see the dolphin under the grass just waiting on something to swim by. Too bad what swam by next had a big hook in it!  We started catching fish about 5 minutes after we arrived.  It was so fast and heavy I didn?t have time to get any video.  We limited out (60 fish) within 15 minutes.  I have included the last video below of our catch lying out on the dock.  As you can see, we had a good day.

If anyone of you are interested in taking a trip like this I would like to recommend the Tuna Fever with Capt. Billy Maxwell  http://www.tunafever.com.   Billy is all about catching the most fish and having the best time while on the water.  Like I said before we have gone 14 straight years now and we keep coming back to Billy.  Give him a call; you?ll be glad you did.



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