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Chesterfield County Hog Processor – Big Oak Processing
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When we started down the path of hunting hogs we soon needed to find a hog processor. As hogs haven’t been really prevalent in our area of the state in the past there aren’t hog processors readily available as there are deer processors. After some research, word-of-mouth connections, and a few successful hunts we’ve found a hog processor in Chesterfield County that is top notch! After getting several hogs on the ground we found Declan Rollins of Big Oak Processing.

Big Oak Processing - Ruby Sc

Declan is the man! His processing facility is located in Ruby, SC and he does a great job. All you have to do is drop the game off (you can also weigh it there if needed) and he’ll call you to get your order details and then he’ll call you again when the meat is ready. Declan delivers the meat in vacuum sealed packages and he is very reasonably priced.

So if you’re in need of a skilled processor who can handle hogs, give Declan a call at 843.622.7693.

Big Oak Processing - Ruby, SC

Big Oak Processing - Ruby, SC

Big Oak Processing - Ruby, SC



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