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Food Plot Journey Introduction
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The Disclaimer
As we start the food plot journey I want to prepare you for what you will be reading in the coming year.  You will be reading a web developer?s perspective on food plot creation and maintenance.  I make no apologies for my elementary level of knowledge of food plots, soil samples, and everything else that goes along with it. The only kind of farms most computer guys get involved with are server farms.  My adventure outside the box and into some level of ?farming? (because there will be tractors involved) will hopefully be a unique one for everyone.  

Though, my inexperience and low level of understanding (of all things food plot creation) may benefit some younger readers or some of you macho guys out there who won?t admit that you don?t know something!  I?ll gladly be your guinea pig and hopefully everyone can learn something from this? even if it is learning what not to do!  For all I know, we may not even get the stuff to grow properly and we may post pictures of dirt where the food plot was supposed to grow.  Though, with insight from Tecomate Seed?s Mike Lee and some others around town, I think we can get at least some roots to show through.  I?ll keep my fingers crossed in the mean time.

Feel free to laugh, joke about my lack of awareness, and take shots at me on the message board or in responses to the blog entries.  I?ll probably join you in mocking myself!  So now that I?ve raised the bar to a new low, let?s get started with all of this.

The Plan
We plan to have 3 different food plots in 3 different locations.  Each food plot will feature a different Tecomate Seed product.  We will monitor each food plot and have game cameras set up to get any images of activity that these food plots receive.  Throughout the year we will post blog entries about these food plots and hope to include images along with them.  We are also going to try to set up and "exclusion fence" which will keep a small area of the food plot from being touched by the deer so that we can compare and contrast what the plants would look like if the deer weren't eating them. 

That is the general gist of it all.  When the time comes to actually put the seed down, Mike Lee from Tecomate Seed is going to come to assist us in this process.  As we mentioned in the initial blog post, Mike has agreed to host a session on Food Plot creation when he comes to Pageland.  We are going to host this seminar and will provide more details as the time draws near.  For more info on the seminar and session, contact Adam Smith

Now it's time to stop typing and get to working.  More to come...




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