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Can You Say Turkey at 15 yards

WeHuntSC.com - Turkey at 15 yardsIf you read the blogs, then you know I went to Washington DC last weekend.  On Saturday Will took the guys from Southern Outdoor Experience hunting and they get a good turkey on film.  Will and Adam had planned on going turkey hunting the next day with some friends from up the road.  They met Chip and Terry and got in the woods early.  Bear with me as I try to re-tell the story of their hunt, which is a little difficult given that I wasn?t there in person.

From the story I heard, the guys got in the woods early at one of our hunting locations.  Adam and Will went and set up in one direction and Chip and Terry went in the other.  Adam said that when they sat down they started calling a little just to see if they could locate any birds.  It didn?t take long before they heard some turkeys that were still in the trees.  They sat and waited as the sun began to rise.  The area they were hunting on this specific trip is more of a wooded area than the other location where we?ve been turkey hunting this year (which you may have seen on some of the films).  The woods gives the birds a little more cover and it makes it more difficult to see them coming!  Will and Adam were glad to hear a lot of turkeys gobbling in the distance.  Since they had located the birds, they didn?t want to call too much more and they just waited in anticipation.  At about 7:30 and they heard a loud boom come from the other side of the tract of land.  This meant that Chip and Terry had a made a shot.  Shortly thereafter, they went to check on the boys and they had already bagged a good turkey.  Chip and Terry were excited about getting a good gobbler!  So in the beginning of the video, you?ll see Chip holding the turkey that he shot.  We don?t have any footage of this hunt because the camera was in the other location and my camera was with me in DC.

WeHuntSC.com - Chip and his turkeySo then what do they do?... They move shop and go to a different location and set up.  I think he said they arrived around 8:15 or so.  They went out to the field and put a hen decoy up and this time they all sat together.  Terry started calling and it wasn?t long before turkeys at this location started yapping back at him.  The guys were really impressed with Terry?s turkey calling abilities.  Chip always says that Terry?s really good at calling and the boys got to witness it firsthand.  They were able to capture some of the footage of this hunt.  If you listen in the video, you can hear where Terry?s calling and also hear some turkeys call back in the distance.  It?s pretty neat, but you?ll need your volume up.

Will said they had been sitting there for a while and then a hen came out down to the right of the field.  The hen came all the way to where they were and got within 15 yards of them.  (This is the hen you?ll see in the video)  Terry was talking to the hen and it had no clue that they were even in the world.  She was just gobbling right away.  It?s neat to see the hen that close on video and I know the boys had ice in their veins with it right there on them.  Will just held still on the gun as the hen wasn?t going to be shot.  

Not too long after that they said a tom came into the far opposite edge of the field.  He was a few hundred yards away and terry worked his magic and started calling him in.  The turkey didn?t ever see the decoy and didn?t really get within shooting range though, but they said the turkey made a long journey to get near to where they were.  They told me that the turkey call was echoing and confusing the turkey.  This may have been the reason the turkey?s walking path was irregular.  End result of the hunt was no shot, but some good footage of a hen and a sighting of a nice tom.

And here?s the footage


I must be the bad luck charm or something because when I leave these guys have birds all around them.  2 turkeys in 2 days + 1 within 15 yards?I?d say that was a good weekend of turkey hunting.  Maybe I?ll keep going on road trips so good things will keep happening, but I think the wife-to-be may have something to say about that.




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