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Her First Goose

As we prepared for a late goose season hunt, my oldest son Josh texted me (his calling feature doesn't work apparently lol!) and asked about bringing his girlfriend Michael Gainey along for the hunt? So I said yes, she will definitely add some looks to the crew.

We met up with our friend Scott Wagner, unloaded his HuntVe SUV, and packed all our full body decoys and layout blinds. Once we got to the field, everyone started helping with the decoy placement and even Michael helped out too. We thought having her participate in the decoy placement would only help add to her hunt!

Once daylight came and legal shooting hours were upon us, we had seven wild turkeys fly off their roost area into the field where we were hunting. Man was that a treat or what? Not just for Michael, but for us as well. You know it won't be long 'til we start chasing those "thunder chickens" so this was a beautiful sight to see.

After watching the turkeys for quite some time, we heard a distant familiar sound, "honk -honk". Within minutes we had them working our spread, while running our RNT Warbird Goose calls. We worked with Michael about being still and patient while working the birds. Once they dropped their landing gear, into the decoys, I hollered "Wreck 'em!" We harvested three out of the first flock, with Michael shooting her 1st goose. We were so excited. Everyone was giving high fives to each other and laughing.

Fifteen minutes, later we had two more to come into the field, and we started working them. They made one circle and they pitched just a few feet off the ground right in front of my dad and Josh. Again I gave the battle cry “Wreck 'em!” and they did just that.

What a great hunt we had with friends and family. It was also very special to be a part of Josh's girlfriend Michael’s first hunt and first goose. Definitely one to remember and a big shout out to Scott for making it happen!

We have truly been blessed to have the season we have had and to also be involved with some great people.

Good Hunting ~ Daryl

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