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Hunter?s Night Out Recap
    WeHuntSC.com - Keith Frachiseur Speaking at the Hunter's Night Out
  Keith Frachiseur speaking at the Hunter's Night Out

If you are into food plots and didn?t make it to our Hunter?s Night Out, then you really missed out on a lot of great information!  On Saturday, May 1st 2010 we hosted our first ?Hunter?s Night Out? which featured 3 speakers representing the GroundHog MAX, QDMA, & Tecomate Seed.  The event turned out to be very informative with some good questions from the audience.

As people came in I handed out tickets for door prizes that we gave out throughout the evening.  Then, our main man Hoot led us off with a prayer and then we began to chow down.   We ate some great spaghetti, slaw, and desserts thanks to Lem Robertson and J.E. Aldridge.  Once we had put a hurting on the food, it was time to get to business.

WeHuntSC.com - Ryan Decker Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out    
Ryan Decker Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out  
After eating and getting everyone into their seats, Keith Frachiseur, the inventor of the GroundHog MAX, led the evening off showing a short video clip of his ATV plow and giving his presentation.  Keith told the story of how and why he invented the GroundHog MAX and demonstrated the advantages of creating and maintaining remote food plots to the audience.  I really think there is something to these remote food plots.  As you know, we are trying to install a remote food plot and I?m anxious to see what happens back in there.  I feel sure that the deer are going to mow it down if we can just get it to grow!  More to come on that later.

Next up were some door prizes where Kyle Sutton of Pageland started off the evening winning a Thermacell.  After the first Thermacell giveaway, Ryan Decker of QDMA gave a presentation about quality deer management and his organization.  Ryan?s presentation was very thorough and underscored the principles that QDMA was founded upon.  Did you know that QDMA was actually started in South Carolina and is now a national organization that is rapidly gaining momentum?  By raising awareness of deer management QDMA is slowly but surely helping our deer, us as hunters, and the communities all across the nation.

   WeHuntSC.com - Mike Lee Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out
  Mike Lee Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out
We had another set of giveaways and then the last speaker Mike Lee of Barenbrug USA which is the parent company of Tecomate Seed came in as the ?closer?.  As you know we are installing some Tecomate Seed food plots in random locations and we?re excited to see what happens in the next few months.  Mike?s presentation was very thorough and informative and was all about seed, soil, and how to make it all work together for the best reults.  Man I thought computer talk could be technical, but Mike opened my eyes up.  I?ve never heard some of the words he used and I don?t think I could repeat them if I had to!  At the end of each of the speaker?s sessions they opened it up for questions and we really did have some good questions and dialoguing going on in between the audience and the presenters.

That pretty much sums up our evening.  Thanks to all who attended and, if possible, we hope to try to have some more events like this in the future.  If you?ve got any feedback from the event, be sure to let us know .




Some of our doorprize winners below ...

WeHuntSC.com - Bruce Puette having a WeHuntSC.com - Kyle Sutton wins a Thermacell

WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell Winner at The Hunter's Night Out

Deer Hunters Help Prevent Car Wrecks

In the upstate of South Carolina, we receive the Charlotte Observer which is the #1 newspaper coming out of Charlotte.  Today, they had an article showing statistics of wrecks that were due to deer.  Last year proved to have the most wrecks associated with deer in years.

It seems that the more the city grows, the less places deer have to live, thus causing more wrecks with deer.  The NC Wildlife Commission biologist for Mecklenburg County quoted ?We have to figure out a way to allow hunting in more populated areas?.  This could be good news down the road for bow hunters who live near populated areas regardless of whether it?s NC or SC.  The report cited that nearly 1 in 10 wrecks last year in NC involved deer with Wake County NC being the #1 county with 1,084 wrecks with deer. 

So, when someone you are talking to may not like deer hunting or hunters just tell them that you?re trying to help keep their car safe!

You can see the article online here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/topstories/story/985500.html


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