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Remote Food Plot Update
   WeHuntSC.com - Scrape Pic
  The Scrape on the edge of the plot

As you know, we've been planting some Tecomate Seed Food Plots this fall. To date we've taken the soil samples, prepared the soil by spraying Round-up, plowed the soil up with the GroundHog MAX, came back in and put down fast acting lime and the seed.  After that we came back and put down some 13-13-13 fertilizer and just prayed for rain.  It was dry for a pretty good while, but then we finally got some rain.  Since then the plots have started doing better.

Small Plot
The small plot is growing a little bit slower for some reason.  It may be because of the density of the soil, but I'm not really sure. We planted Tecomate's Monster Mix in the small plot and it is growing, but it's not growing at the rate of the power line plot. The small plot currently has some growth and looks like a light green carpet on the surface of the soil. Hopefully we'll get some more rain to help boost the growth in this plot some more. It's coming along, but we'd like to see it "jump" a little bit more.

Power line Plot
The power line plot is growing really well.  I think the soil in this location is a little more "sandy" in comparison to the small plot.  This may be the reason for the better growth because the two plots are relatively close to each other.  Whatever the reason, the power line plot is looking good.  Because it's long and narrow (and currently green) it's looking similar to a golf-course. You can see what the plot looks like below.

We've also got a buck that has decided to make a scrape about 20 yards down from the tower stand. He's been regularly checking this scrape because he's frequently cleaning it out.  We're trying to get him on film checking his scrape and we're keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully he'll come out in the day-time before too long.

Here's a shot from the bottom up of the plot

WeHuntSC.com - Power line plot pic

Here's a before/after pic so far from this plot

WeHuntSC.com - Before & After Pic

I made a short video to show some different pics of these plots.  You can see it below



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