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It's Time for another Soil Sample + Remote Food Plot Update
   WeHuntSC.com - Remote Food Plot Pic
  The Remote Food Plot at the 1st of August

This week has been very busy with all that we?ve got going on, but that is fine by me.  As we continue to monitor the food plots, we have to get ready to plant the fall plots as well.  So, when we got back from the Pee Dee Deer Classic, we journeyed out to the woods to check up on the remote food plot.  We also went and took a new soil sample at a location where we?re going to try to plant a different fall plot to get an idea of the composition of the soil.  Since this will be the first time we?re planting a food plot in this location it will take us some time to get the soil in the best conditions possible, but you have to start somewhere.

Soil Sample
Earlier in this series, I covered the reasons why one needs to take a soil sample. You can see that blog entry here: Collecting a Soil Sample in case you haven?t been following along.  Even at the Pee Dee Deer Classic, the Tecomate Seed representatives and other food plot experts presented and spoke about the importance of the soil and how the composition of the soil directly affects your food plot?s success. They talked about the ?pieces of the puzzle? necessary for a successful food plot.  I may be leaving some pieces out, but what stuck with me were three main pieces: the soil, the seed, and the knowledge.  In order to have success with a food plot you?ve got to have soil that is ready and conditioned to foment the growth of plants, good quality seed, and most importantly?you?ve got to know what to do!  (That last part is what I?ve been working on for some time now).  So it?s the week of August 1st and we?re taking a soil sample and intend to plant a fall food plot in late September to early October.

If you?re in South Carolina and want to know where you can get a soil sample analyzed, just find your local Clemson Cooperative Extension by clicking here.  For a small fee, you can send off your soil sample and they will return you a read out with detailed information about the makeup of your soil.  If you have trouble understanding the pH and all that, then you can take it to a seed and feed store and they can assist you with interpreting the results.  The staff at the local coop can also help you with that as well.

Remote Food Plot Update
The remote food plot continues to grow well.  As I continue to be clueless about this all, I was wondering why all of this stuff wasn?t eaten already.  I know there are deer out there, but yet some plants continue to grow untouched by the deer.  I knew that the seed was a mixture of plants (milo, clover, peas, etc), but I didn?t know that the deer would be eating them at different times of the summer/fall. The deer are being selective about what they eat as they walk through the food plot.  That is, they are eating some specific types of plants and not the others.  You can plainly see where they are passing through the plot and also which plants they are eating. It appears that they are eating the peas and the lab lab and leaving a lot of milo untouched. I spoke with the Tecomate rep and he said that after the first frost comes the starches in some of the plants will turn to sugar.  After that happens then the deer will really get in there and eat the remaining plants.  I hope this is right!  He also mentioned that the first time you plant a plot it kind of takes the deer a little while to figure out that they can get in there and eat the plants. 

Another note to mention is that I have not been getting many game-camera pics.  I thought something was wrong and it turns out that when you have dead batteries the camera won?t take pictures!  So we have put new batteries in the camera and hope to have some good pictures in upcoming blog entries.

The below video is of us getting a new soil sample where we?re going to start the process of conditioning the soil and attempt a fall food plot install + a current view of the remote food plot.  Sorry to spin so fast out there?it made the video a little blurry.  Maybe one day I?ll upgrade cameras and get better footage. 




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