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Fertilizing the Remote Food Plot
    WeHuntSC.com - Remote Food Plot Update 1
  The Remote Food Plot just a few weeks out

As you know from reading our blog entries, we are putting food plots in at a few different locations with one of those locations being a ?remote food plot?.  The location is deemed as ?remote? because it?s in a location that a tractor can?t access?i.e. back deep in the woods.  This specific food plot is placed in some planted pines that have recently been ?5th rowed?, that is the lumber guys have removed some rows of the pines and they are now thinned out.  To prepare the ground we used Tuffline?s GroundHog MAX and then we came back in and planted some Tecomate Seed Lab Lab Plus

Since planting the seed, we came back and put out some Milorganite to keep the deer off the food plots for a few weeks while the food plot products grow.  We also put out some ?exclusion fences? last week.  We?ve had some rain and now the plants are starting to grow as you can see from the images in this blog. 

WeHuntSC.com - Remote Food Plot Update Image 2   
Another shot of the Lab Lab Plus starting to grow  

Now that the plants are getting good root systems established and are starting to grow, we went back in and put down some ?Triple-17? fertilizer.  We wanted to wait to put the fertilizer down until the plants started to grow, but we didn?t want to let them get too tall before we went back in so as to not damage them.  Most of the plants were just a few inches off the ground so we didn?t hurt them.  The 17-17-17 fertilizer is made up of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium which will all help the plants grow even more.   It?s kind of like getting some supplements from GNC and taking them for weight lifting in hopes of getting the best results.

There is rain forecasted for the upcoming week, so I?ll be excited to see how the plants continue to grow with the fertilizer now on the ground.  Also, I?ve got a game camera out over the plot now, but there are still no animals walking through.  Though, keep in mind that this is the intended scenario.  The reason we used Milorganite was to temporarily keep them out so the plants will have time to establish.  In the coming weeks the Milorganite will start to wear off and hopefully some deer will start to come through.



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