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2010 Turkey Season is Here!
   WeHuntSC.com - A pic of a gobbler on some WeHuntSC.com land
  This gobbler got within 2 feet of a WeHuntSC.com game cam...pretty soon, we'll have him on video!

Well the day has finally arrived.  Turkey season is in full force in South Carolina.  God bless all the wives, girlfriends, and friends of the die-hard turkey hunters around the state as they embark on a month long turkey hunting frenzy! 

I?ll admit that I?m no turkey hunting guru, but I am excited about getting out in the woods and seeing what happens.  With all the excitement and buzz building toward turkey season, I hope it?s going to be a good one.  The weather seems like its just right and we?ve been getting some really good pics on the game camera. 

Just a few weeks back Adam and I were in some sporting goods stores in Rock Hill, SC and the turkey hunters were out in full force stocking up for this turkey season.  You could feel the enthusiasm from the turkey hunters that we encountered.  It was neat to see everyone out and about and to feel the sense of excitement in the air.

Somewhere in the Florence area, J-Duck and Lee are game planning on some gobblers as well.  Hopefully they?ll be able to bring back something to the blog that will be fun to read and see.  I?m sure you frequently get tired of what I have to say. 

We?ve got a lot of gobblers all over one of the WeHuntSC.com properties.  We put the game camera out one week and came back with over 900 pics of various wildlife, but the majority were turkeys.  We?re working on a neat project that we?ll post about soon that just might involve one of these gobblers?at least I hope it does.  More on that later.



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