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3 Seventeen
This blog entry has nothing to do with hunting or the outdoors! If you don?t like football or good documentaries then don?t read further!
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If you remember my blog entry about our state championship bid this past season then you?re already aware of what happened in early December in the 2010 SC AA football state championship game.  What you may not have been aware of though, is that my friend Jason Fararooei of Yellow Cape Communications was also at the game and was making a documentary of the weekend, the game, and the overall experience.  It?s been a couple months since the game and the documentary has been completed for a while too. We wanted to wait until the team received their championship rings at the banquet to premier the documentary. For this reason we?ve kept everything ?undercover? until now.  We?ve had to fight some of the guys wanting to see it off, but it was worth the wait as you will see below.  
Jason and his team at Yellow Cape Communications created one of the best pieces I?ve ever seen? a very emotional short film that gives a realistic glimpse into the core of Eagles? program.  What?s impressive is that Jason, an outsider to the program, was able to pick up on, and reproduce in video, all the passion and emotion that is woven into the fabric of one of the most successful football programs in the state.  Everyone wants to know what the ?x-factor? is or what the ?secret? to our continued success has been for the past 35 + years, and, from this video it?s easy to see what the difference is?.love!  
Give the documentary a look and let me know what you think
The video says a lot about the program and our recent state championship run.  However, what the video did not allude to (and purposely so) was that the Eagles have averaged 10 wins a year for the past 35 years in a row!  That is pretty impressive considering that we?ve had one losing season in school history.  The video also did not mention the fact that because of budget cuts our head coach?s salary got cut to $10,000 and that, in one of the best examples of servant-leadership I?ve ever seen, he stayed on to coach the team anyway.  It did not mention the numerous state championships, upper state championships, conference championships, former collegiate, NFL, Canadian, & European players that the program has produced over the years.  It did not mention the numerous volunteer coaches who show up every day at practice and on the weekends throughout the season to give their time and talents to the youth of our community.  It did not mention that the same core of coaches has remained since the school was built. It did not mention the family atmosphere and environment that is created by the coaching staff that brings the best of the players.  
The result of all of this is seen in stats that can be measured in wins and losses, but there are many more intangibles that can?t be measured that the program has also been producing over the years such as teaching young men how to be men, how to love, and what good character means.  These facets of the program are not seen by many fans, not written about by sportswriters or critics, and they can?t be measured, but they exist?just ask anyone who?s played football for the Eagles.
All of this information was purposely left out because Yellow Cape Communications is pursuing a larger documentary on the Central High School Eagle football program.  If you are interested in supporting, partnering with, or seek more information about the larger documentary then contact Jason Fararooei of Yellow Cape Communications.  
You can also find more information at YellowCapeCommunications.com/Eagles 

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