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Ben Sullivan?s First Deer

This is a guest blog entry by Ben Sullivan

Ben Sullivan has been one of my life-long friends and in the past few hunting seasons he?s started getting into hunting.  Ben hunts in the Coastal area of South Carolina down around Georgetown.  Last weekend Ben got his first deer and it was a very nice buck!  Since this was his first deer, a huge buck, and a good story, I asked Ben to give us some info about his hunt and I would post it here on the blog.  Ben gave me a brief summary of his first hunt and how it went down. 

Last week we had a large tropical storm move up the eastern seaboard and it got really wet here on the coastal region.  Wednesday night my buddy Luke and I were planning on bow hunting the next morning since the tropical storm was moving up north. We thought the bucks would be up and moving after three days of heavy rain. 

We hunt on roughly 2000 acres in Georgetown, SC and after the tropical storm about 1200 acres of the land was under water.  We woke up on Thursday and saw that the rain had stopped and there was a nice breeze (for Georgetown) in the air.  Luke texted me around 6 am and said that the weather was perfect and we needed to get in the woods.  My favorite bow stand was under water so we decided to sit in the tower stand instead (one of the highest spots on the facility).  This was the first time I sat in the tower stand.  I had pics on 9 other stands and we didn?t expect this spot to be much of a producer; therefore we didn?t put much effort into it other than putting out corn.

We were sitting in the tower stand just looking and at exactly 9:15 a huge buck walked out.  It took him about 4 seconds to get broad sided and give me a clear shot.  I didn?t waste any time taking the shot and the deer fell on the spot.  Luke?s inclination to go out that morning was dead on the money!  We got down out of the tower stand and took the pics that you see below.

We saw 4 other decent size bucks moving that day while we put out corn at the other stands on our property.  I?m excited that we have let them walk for 2 years in a row and our management practices are proving beneficial. Another interesting note is that we get a lot of game-cam pics, but the deer I shot had never been captured on camera.   It appears that we will have quite a few shooters this year.  

WeHuntSC.com - Ben Sullivan with his first buck

WeHuntSC.com - Ben Sullivan with his first buck

WeHuntSC.com - Ben Sullivan with his first buck

Congratulations to Ben on his first deer...a very nice buck!  I don?t know if I?ve ever seen on that big in the woods before, but I hope to!



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