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Dead Weeds & Plowing
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As part of the Intro to Game Management blog series we discussed how food plots are one tenant of game management. In the last entry I posted a video showing where we sprayed round-up to kill the weeds in our envisioned food plots for this year. This blog entry shows what the weeds looked like two weeks after we sprayed them and also shows us plowing the plots getting them ready to be limed and seeded.
In order to not be repetitive, if you'd like more information on how plowing fits into the food plot creation process please refer to last year's "Food Plot Journey" and more specifically the "Preparing the Soil" blog entry.
Next up on the food plot agenda is liming & seeding the food plot. Stay tuned!
The below video shows us plowing up this year?s food plots
Here are 3 pics to show you the progress
WeHuntSC.com - The food plot before spraying
WeHuntSC.com - Food Plot after spraying
WeHuntSC.com - Food Plot after being plowed
WeHuntSC.com - Food Plot Plowed


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