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Opening Day

   Primos Truth Camera Arm
When I?m not hunting, I?m doing something related to hunting.  Whether it?s scouting, planting a food plot, or even just enjoying a hunting show on TV, I?m always into something.  As most of you probably have, Nick and I have been doing a lot of work to get ready for the start of deer hunting season.  We have planted a variety of different food plots (I?m sure they aren?t as good as Clint?s plots, with all the Tecomate seed and exclusion fences. LOL!), but I think that my soy beans and clovers will work just fine. 

About 2 weeks before the season started, Katie (my girlfriend) and I went out to the woods for a while to hopefully see some deer.  We sat in the tree stand because I was trying to show her my view on deer hunting.  Somehow she says I?m addicted to it! We were lucky and got to see 2 deer.  Though, the two deer were just two little spotted fawns, but the good part was that she was hooked from the moment she saw the first deer!  Now she wants to see a big buck just as much as I do!  Looks like I may have a new hunting partner this season!

On another note, I also recently purchased my third camera.  Soon, I will get a tree stand filming arm to help out with our videos.  Hopefully this will help me create better videos by giving me the ability to have multiple camera angles. Filming hunts is not the easiest thing to do, so it?s important to have the correct gear and a game plan.

 8 Pointer In velvet  

Hunters in my area were pumped this past weekend as opening day finally arrived!  In the low country the season opens on August 15th and this year, that day fell on a Sunday.  I did not hunt because I went to church.  However, a buddy of mine at our hunting club killed a nice 8-point buck that was still in velvet on Sunday night. 

We?re locked and loaded with our True Timber camo hats and a McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle bag to keep us from getting winded by any deer.  Looks like we will be representing a SC camo company and another SC entrepreneur at the same time... just keeping my fingers crossed that we can get a nice SC buck too!  I?m planning on hunting this weekend and will be posting a blog (hopefully with a video) about the hunt sometime next week. 


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