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Planting the Seed & Spreading Milorganite (Remote Food Plot Edition)
      WeHuntSC.com - Dragging the Remote Food Plot with an Old School Drag
  Dragging the Remote Food Plot with an Old School Drag

As you can imagine, a wedding consists of a lot of planning and events which take some time to orchestrate.  This minimized my window of available time to put seed in the remote food plot.  As you can also imagine, Mother Nature doesn?t wait around on weddings to pass.  So, I had to soldier up and get the seed down.  I planned on putting the seed out with Mr. J.E. on the morning of my wedding day at 6:30am.  Little did I know that I would be up all night and only get 3 hours of sleep before hand.  It was rough and if you hear my voice, you can tell I?m struggling on the video.  Though, we got the task accomplished. 

The remote food plot is located back deep in some woods that we hunt in.  The loggers came in and cleared out some rows of pines.  To this point, we had cleared out one of the areas where the loggers removed a row of pines.  It took some time to clean out, but I think it will be worth it.  We then ran a soil sample and put some lime down to try to get the soil pH closer to 7.0.  This is the same process that we are doing at our other food plot locations that you are reading about in the other blog entries only this is the remote food plot edition. 

Since the ground was recently turned up, we only needed to smooth it back out and then spread the seed.  We simply took the 4-wheeler back in the woods with a drag hare and a spreader.  We used an old timey drag hare to smooth the soil back out.  Mr. J.E. said that the drag was used back in the day behind a mule and you can see the wear and tear on the drag in the video.  Though, it did the job and worked well. 

WeHuntSC.com - The 4-Wheeler and the Milorganite in the Remote Food Plot    
The 4-Wheeler and the Milorganite in the Remote Food Plot  

After dragging it again, we detached the drag and attached the spreader.   A few laps on the 4-wheeler (while I tried to commentate) and that was it.  Understand though that we used an extremely large amount of seed for this very small location.  The bag will seed one acre and we poured the whole bag over an area about ¼ of an acre.  I?m not sure if this will result in an abundance or if it will hurt the food plot.  I do know that there is ample amount of seed on the ground though.  I guess time will tell on all this.

A week later my dad and I went back to put down some Milorganite in hopes of acting as a fertilizer and keeping the deer off the food plot for a few weeks (as denoted in the previous blog entry).  Just a small note to self about this process, it always helps to have the right size pin for the spreader attachment or else you end up pulling the spreader around in circles with your hand!  In between 2 Saturdays and a lot of events in between we were able to get the seed and Milorganite down.  Since then we?ve had some rain so I hope everything will start to grow.  For the next little bit, it?s up to Mother Nature. 


(I had a million things running through my mind and I forgot the Flip, so I shot this video with the I-Phone...thus the blurriness)




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