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The Convergence of Technology and Hunting
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Technology, dynamic applications, mobile devices, and the web are crawling into many aspects of our lives.  We have been, and still are, observing the intersection of technology and hunting.  Hunters are broaching the technical realm and are incorporating technology into the ways we hunt a little more every day.  The modern hunter realizes that technology can be beneficial if he/she is open to it. 

Technology is used in different aspects of hunting, for example, the game camera. The latest game cameras are GPS enabled and some can even post pictures to an online database that can be accessed and controlled remotely. My dad used to be critical of my openness to technology and make comments like "It's just another one of those gadgets that you like to mess with". Though, a couple of weekends ago he went with me to put a game camera up and is eager to see what pictures come from it! This is just one example of the integration of technology and hunting and I'm sure you can easily think of a few. 

Mobile devices. Mobile devices and smart phones are really changing the way we do things and in some ways changing our culture.  Let me give you an example of how a mobile device was beneficial to me out in the field last season. Last year I was hunting in a new location and had a deer walk in on me right at dark. I had to sit in the woods a long time before the deer passed by so as to not spook him away and give away my location. Since I was hunting in a relatively new location, and it was dark, I got disoriented as I tried to find my way out. Right as I began to switch into panic mode I remembered that my mobile device had a GPS application in it. So, I turned my I-Phone on and used the GPS/map feature to find my way out. I was glad that I had my phone and that specific application with me on that occasion! Though, there are also a lot of other useful apps for hunters on mobile devices such as GPS-Lite, the compass app, and Primos even has an app that makes all kind of game calls such as the sounds of turkey, deer, ducks, and many others.

Hunters also use the web to communicate, share information, learn, and to compete in competitions on WeHuntSC.com! With the increasing acceptance of HTML 5 and the popularity of YouTube (and video in general) the amount of hunting video, blogs, and outdoor driven applications on the web and mobile devices will continue growing. The advancement in tools for creating dynamic apps combined with the emerging technology oriented outdoorsmen paves the way for more applications that will show up in the future of hunting in various forms.  Location based technologies also offers beneficial functionality for society and eventually it will be incorporated and accepted by hunters. While hunters of the past did not have technology available, it's just a matter of time before every hunter is using some sort of technology or application to give them a better edge hunting. 

If this were not true, you wouldn't be on the internet, on a hunting site, and reading this blog! 




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