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The Jake Intimidator
    WeHuntSC.com - The Jake Intimidator by Countrymen Innovations
  The Jake Intimidator by Countrymen Innovations

I?m relatively young in my turkey hunting career, but I?ve got enough experience to know that turkey hunting is fun and exciting!  I?ve been looking forward to this coming turkey season for some time now and I?m ready to get out and take a shot at calling one in, getting the hunt on video, and getting one on the ground!  This year I?m also excited to try out a really neat new decoy called the Jake Intimidator by Countrymen Innovations.

The Jake Intimidator is a unique decoy that uses motion to simulate a Tom puffing up and strutting.  The action and motion it creates is pretty cool looking.  When I opened up the box and took the Jake Intimidator out I immediately started trying to figure it out and began putting it together.  It?s really easy to assemble and is pretty fun to play with.  The turkey body on this decoy is really life like and has Velcro on the back to which you attach the fan-tail.  The material of the fan-tail is really thick feeling and durable, but yet flexible.  As you would imagine, the fan-tail came wrapped up in the box too?so I had to spread it out and give it time to flatten out to give an accurate representation of a turkey?s tail.

The Jake Intimidator has kind of a spring-loaded base that you drive into the ground with stakes that are attached to the base.  The tail connection piece of the decoy attaches to the two rods on the base and you clip the string to the connection on the base and pulling it makes the decoy stand up and lay down.  It?s kind of difficult to describe in words, but you?ll understand it better from the videos below. 

The Setup

Imagine that you?re turkey hunting and you?ve got 2 ? 3 hen decoys out and you?ve got the Jake Intimidator lying flat on the ground just out front of the hens.  You?ve got a big gobbler talking back and forth to you in the distance and he?s on his way in. You give him just enough sweet talk to coax him closer and the decoys have him strutting his stuff out there showing off.  You let him get a little bit closer.  Just when he thinks he?s got all these ladies to himself you pull the string on him and just like that he thinks there?s another male already there talking to his ladies!  Who knows what will happen at this point, but whatever comes next is bound to be fun.

I shot a quick video working with the Jake Intimidator and I went about attaching mine differently, but either way will work I guess :-)

WeHuntSC.com - 10% Discount on the Jake IntimidatorWhat?s even better is that the guys at Countrymen Innovations have offered a discount price for anyone from our site audience who wants to purchase a Jake Intimidator.  If you use the code: WEHUNT11 you?ll get a 10% discount when you order your Jake Intimidator?and if you do, be sure to video your hunts and post them to the site!

Counting down until turkey season!



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