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The Last Day
WeHuntSC.com - Me and some ducks on the last dayThe last day of duck season for us ended with a bang!   We found a hole where some mallards and woodies were using and we decided to go in a few extra hours early to beat anyone else there.  We had a long boat ride to our location and after placing only a few decoys (late season) we waited patiently on daylight.

Once daylight came, we heard the familiar sounds of woodies coming from a distance, and then our attention was redirected to the sound of a hen mallard. We called in the first pair of mallards and we got both of them. We passed on some more woodies as we were seeing a few more big ducks in the air.

As we started working them, my dad noticed some black ducks in the flock. He was really getting excited and bluntly stated ?Let the green go, and get the black?! And man did we get the black.  We took one black and one hybrid which was a mix between a mallard and a black duck.  A few minutes later, we started working another group of three mallards and after only 4 circles they pitched in through the trees.  We took two out of the three from this group.
WeHuntSC.com - Ducks and the boatAs the morning action slowed, we just stood around and reflected back on our season which really was a good one.  We only had two hunts that were a bust and the rest were pretty good for here in SC.  After taking a few pictures and admiring our bag, we got back in the boat and heading back to the landing with all smiles!

I would like to thank Team WeHuntSC.com, Butch @ RNT Calls, Kent @ Hobo Duck Calls, Mark @ Lodge Creek Calls, Drake Waterfowl, Ricky T. @ Decoy Outdoors, and Drew& Cheryl @ WinnTuck Waterfowl Lanyards for their continued support.
Good Calling & Hunting,

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