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The South Carolina Rabbit Hunting Message Board Just Got Fired Up!
   WeHuntSC.com - South Carolina Rabbit Hunting Message Board

WeHuntSC.com noticed considerable growth in site traffic this past week with the welcoming of several rabbit hunters from all over South Carolina.  If you are into hunting rabbits and you?re in South Carolina, then you need to get in the loop with the rabbit hunters on our site.  These guys are from all different corners of the state and are very passionate about rabbit hunting and the dogs they use to hunt them!

I don?t know much about rabbit hunting, but I?m learning slowly over time.  Though, I can tell you from going hunting with Hoot and watching the message board that rabbit hunting is just as much about the dogs as it is about rabbits.  I would venture to say that you won?t find many rabbit hunters who aren?t also dog lovers.  Now it makes sense to me why Hoot didn?t even carry a gun when he took us rabbit hunting last winter. 

It seems that the dogs must be trained year round and I will say that these ?bunn brothers? talk about the breed of dogs and where they descend from like they just researched someone?s family tree and wrote a report on their heritage.  They know this stuff inside and out.  If you?re not on the inside of the rabbit hunting world then the language they speak when it comes to blood lines can be a little hard to follow.  I find it neat and interesting that these guys know all this information about their dog?s lineage and pedigree and discuss it so frequently.  I guess it is necessary though if you want to have the best dogs trailing some rabbits!

We?re happy to have all the new site members aboard and welcome any others that may wish to join in on the fun!



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