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True Timber Camo ? One of South Carolina?s Best Kept Secrets
  WeHuntSC.com - True Timber Sign
  The sign out front of True Timber Camo

I woke up early this morning and headed over to Inman, South Carolina to visit True Timber?s headquarters and I was surprised at what I saw.  Maybe I?m not in the loop, but I was completely clueless that we had such a large camo company based right here in our own back yard.  I mean these guys have a nice sized operation going on right in the Spartanburg area.  True Timber sits just north of 85 and is located literally right off I-26.  It was an easy drive and the plant can be plainly seen from the road.  If you?ve ever been up that road, then you?ve probably seen it before.

Since I was there early I took the opportunity to take some photos and videos of the outside of the facility.  This place is a large plant and one can understand the vast size of the operation from only seeing the exterior of the building.  Not too long after I took the pics and videos, Devin Sweeney arrived and showed me the way in.

Entering the place it?s very evident what the showroom is about as some mounted turkeys and seats with True Timber logos greeted us at the first entrance.  On the inside of the front exhibition room all kinds of mounted animals were scattered everywhere throughout the open-aired space.  I mean from deer, to alligators, to lions, to bears, to turkeys, different kinds of fish, and on and on.  It was literally full of mounted heads.  If you?re in to taxidermy, you should give the place a visit just to see all the creatures and good taxidermy work on display.

WeHuntSC.com - A lion inside of True Timber  
 One example of the taxidermy work inside  

Once I was able to quit looking at the taxidermy, Devin started talking to me about True Timber Camo and gave me the history of the company and some facts about what they do.  I took more pics and videos as we walked and talked.  I?m sure it was aggravating for Devin because I stopped every few feet for another pic and/or video.  I also asked him several questions just trying to get a feel for what they have going on at True Timber. 

We left the front display room and headed to the back where the camo is actually made and where the products get pieced together.  I was surprised to see that the manufacturing part of the company was also located right there in the building.  So if you?re looking for home-grown American made products, then True Timber is definitely where you need to go!  The back room was stocked with material, machines, printing presses, storage racks, fabric, and all the necessary items for creating products from scratch.  It was really neat to see (and to hear Devin explain to me) how the whole process goes from the actual designing of the graphics to the printing and then to the creation of products.  I learned some things about how the products are manufactured from the tour.

After touring the back of the facility, we returned to the front and looked at the product lines.  I took a few more pics and videos.  While looking at the products, Devin told me something that I found unique about True Timber?s product line.  These guys make products for everybody?and by everybody I mean they include the big boys.  Yeah yeah, you say?so they carry XXXL? that?s what I thought?think again my friend.  They carry all the way up to XXXXXXXXL <--- (that?s 8X?s) ? so if you are a big boy, or if you know a big boy who has trouble finding camo, then send him on over to True Timber and they?ll get you/him fixed right up.  The picture is of Devin standing inside of just one leg of a pair of 8X camo over alls! 

  WeHuntSC.com - 8XL Size Over alls at True Timber Camo
  The 8XL size over alls

In total I spent about an hour and a half at True Timber.  It was a good experience and Devin was a first class guy who knows True Timber?s products and organization from top to bottom.  He was able to give good answers for any questions I threw at him.  My whole experience at the plant was a positive one and I was surprised to see that such a top-notch outdoor organization was located right here in our back door and yet I had no clue.

I?m sure you have your favorite hunting gear, shirt, jacket, or set-up, but at some point in time you?ll have to get some new gear and I encourage you to give True Timber?s product line a look.  Not only are their products just as good as any of the competitors, but they are made right here in SC, and they aren?t nearly as expensive!  Supporting home-grown business will only affect the economy in a positive way and will help promote an organization based out of South Carolina.  Yes, I am a fan!

If you aren?t up for a trip to the Spartanburg area, True Timber?s camo patterns can be found in many well-known hunting gear outlets.  Devin told me all the different organizations that carry True Timber products and there were/are so many that I couldn?t remember them all.  Luckily, there is a link on True Timber?s web site that has this on hand for those of you who are interested.  Check out the list of stores and companies that carry products featuring the True Timber camo design.

Also, I created a video to give you a feel for True Timber, their products, and facility.

I hope to see you in some True Timber camo in pics on the site in the upcoming season!




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