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Wings in the Air
Rem. 1100 and stool.  

As the sun faded and the sky darkened the sound of wings filled the air.  Shooting time ended without a shot but what transpired in that thirty minute window before dark was something to treasure. 

My dad and I were invited by a cousin to come hunt his farm on the outskirts of town (Chester) this past Saturday.  We had a chance to hunt this property a few years ago and we were able to take a few mallards.  The thought of those memories had me eager for more.  The hunt on Saturday started at about 3:30 p.m.  My Dad and I got set up overlooking a flooded corn field.  A few decoys set the stage for the afternoon hunt.  Dad and I hunkered down on the other side of the berm behind a few mature sweetgum trees.  The air was cold as we waited but the thoughts of ?wings in the air? kept my blood pumping.  It wasn?t long before we saw a few mallards circling off in the distance.  Those birds sat down on another pond and we soon realized that our plans and the ducks plans weren?t coming together.  This pattern continued through the afternoon and the shooting time started to dwindle away.  Our cousin came up with a few minutes of shooting time left and said that the full moon and recent ice had changed the ducks pattern and they would more than likely pour in right after shooting time. 


Sure enough probably not five minutes after shooting time the whistling call of several wood ducks could be heard as they zoomed over our set up.  Then the grunt of a drake mallard and quack of the hen could be heard circling overhead.  It was as if the ducks were watching a clock and knew we could do nothing.  They started to pour in and I was amazed.  The ducks were literally crashing into the flooded corn stalks.  As a novice duck hunter just being in that moment and watching the birds work was so satisfying.  Most experienced duck hunters would?ve probably been disappointed but I was in a trance and enjoying every minute of it as the sound of wings echoed through the fading sky. 

Below is a five minute video I put together of the hunt.  I apologize for the quality as it doesn?t do the hunt justice, but hopefully you can get an idea of the experience.  Turn up the volume and listen carefully.  ?Do you hear wings in the air??


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