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American Hunting Lease Association

As many of you know we had  a booth & gave presentations on coyote hunting at this past year’s Sportsman’s Classic . While at the show I met a guy from an organization called “American Hunting Lease Association (http://ahuntinglease.org)”. Their COO, Sean Ferbrache came by the booth and connected with us. It initially took me a bit to understand what services they provide, but once I saw the light it made sense. 

Hunting lease liability insurance

If you are a land owner who is hesitant about leasing your hunting land or if you are a hunting club who wants a written agreement between your club and a land owner then the information in the below video will be helpful to you. So without trying to explain everything in text here in this blog I’ll let Sean’s interview explanation do the talking. Ultimately I just wanted to make everyone aware of their service in the case that you have a need for it.

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