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Interview with Blakely Byrd of Catch and Release Sportsman’s Consignment

Catch and Release Sportsman's ConsignmentFor the past few years we’ve been hosting a Predator Challenge in hopes of reducing the coyote population, raising awareness for the sport of predator hunting, and raising awareness for the damage that coyotes are doing to game populations around the state. Thus far the check-in location has been at the Sportman’s Warehouse right off of I-26 in Columbia. Columbia serves as a central location where everyone can drive the least distance to check-in their predators and have a good time meeting other hunters and networking. 

This year we’re still meeting right off I-26 except this time we’ll be meeting right behind the Sportman’s Warehouse at a new location called Catch and Release Sportsman’s Consignment. Catch and Release is a new store and has been growing really fast. We’re happy to partner with Catch and Release to host the 2014 Predator Challenge check-in at their location. We think you’ll like the check-in being hosted at the new location.

Last night I did a quick interview with Blakely Byrd, owner of Catch and Release Sportsman’s Consignment, to get a better understanding of what Catch and Release is and to get to know more about her in general. The interview is here below.

We hope to see you at the check-in! Register your team today and join us in reducing the coyote population in SC and beyond.



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