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2013 Predator Challenge Results
A pic from the 2013 WeHuntSC.com Predator Challenge Check-InThis year we had more teams and hunters participating than in any previous year of the competition. The competition keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. So thanks to everyone who participated, to all the sponsors who made it possible, and a big thanks to Gavin Jackson, Robbie Boone, & Adam Smith for managing this year’s event. I should also mention Chip Humphries & Terry Williams who originally helped get the competition created and managed it for the past 2 years. We all owe these guys a big thank you because without them the competition wouldn’t have happened. They worked for months getting things ready. All the sponsor’s donations, rules, organization, and communications around the event stemmed from their efforts.

If anybody ever told you that predator hunting was easy… they were lying. Anybody who hunted in this year’s Predator Competition will tell you the same. We looked forward to the competition and planned for several months and when it finally got here the rain and fog made things tough on everyone. From talking to everyone at the check-in it seemed that the coyotes just hunkered down for the majority of the weekend due to the weather. Many of the hunters I spoke with said they saved their “best spots”, “honey holes”, and “go-to locations” for the weekend of the competition and still came out empty handed.  The more I chase coyotes the more I respect the guys who are successful… and we did have some hunters who got it done rain or shine so let’s talk about the guys who came through no matter the conditions.



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1st Place & Big Dog

This year our 1st place team was “Team  Warner” out of Aynor, SC. Adam Davis, Josh Allen, & Dustin Paananen of Team Warner not only won 1st place, but they also won the “Big Dog” award. These guys brought in 2 coyotes totaling 68lbs. The big dog was 38lbs and it was a big one. Congrats to the guys for getting it done all weekend. Having the double-win they did not leave empty handed.

1st Place Winners - Team Warner 

2nd Place

Our second place team was the “Carolina Hawgmasters” out of Chesnee, SC. Todd Davis  and Paul St. Cyr arrived to the check-in with just minutes to spare and claimed 2nd place. They also brought in 2 coyotes with the total weight of 63lbs.


2nd Place Winners - Carolina Hawgmasters 

3rd Place

Our 3rd place team was the “Fur Takers” out of Clover, SC.  Andrew Love, Hunter McCarter, Woody Neely, & Chris McCall brought in 2 coyotes that totaled 58lbs.


3rd Place - Team Furtakers

  Click the below image to see a gallery of pics from the event

2013 Predator Challenge Check-in Pics 


On behalf of the WeHuntSC.com team we’d like to say thanks again to the Sportsman’s Warehouse of Columbia, SC for letting us hold the check-in at their facility, to our gracious sponsors, and to all hunters that participated. We look forward to next year’s competition… see you at the check-in!



2nd Annual WeHuntSC.com Predator Challenge Winners Announced
     WeHuntSC.com - At the Predator Challenge Check-in at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Columbia, SC

The 2nd Annual WeHuntSC.com Predator Challenge was this past weekend and it was another great event. This year?s Predator Challenge showed a lot of growth in both the number of competition entrants as well as sponsors. We had over 100 hunters participating in SC, NC, & GA and minus a little bit of wind on Friday night, the conditions were great!

Hunting started at 3pm on Friday and hunters had to bring any predators they bagged over the weekend to the check-in on Sunday by 4pm. Every few minutes shoppers from the Sportsman?s Warehouse came by the check-in to see what was going on and slowly but surely hunters brought their predators to check-in. It was really neat to meet a lot of the guys (and gals) who participated in the weekend challenge and get to know the people behind the avatars/posts we see online. I learned a lot simply from talking with these hunters and feeling them out for helpful tips/info on predator hunting. There was definitely a synergy at the check-in and one could feel the passion for predator hunting among those present at the Sportsman?s Warehouse.

One thing I can tell you is that the sport of predator hunting is growing fast in our area. Everyone we spoke with, whether they currently hunted predators or not, spoke of how they wanted to start predator hunting or how they?d heard about it and were really interested in it. A lot of people we spoke with are really focusing on predator hunting and are putting more energy into it. Collectively we feel the need to hunt predators as coyotes are killing livestock that farmers depend on along with drastically reducing deer & turkey populations in our state. Just read DNR?s latest report to see some statistics.

Below is a video with some pics from the check-in


One neat thing I?d like to mention is that one of our teams even had sponsors for their hunt. David Pruett & Todd Davis? ?Team Upstate? was sponsored by Golf Cart Service of Roebuck, SC. David & Todd brought a Stealth Electric Vehicles Apache 4x4 EV to the check-in and I?m telling you what... that thing was slick. It?s electric & extremely quiet. Todd & David said they even tried to get it stuck and couldn?t? and didn?t even have to put it in 4 wheel drive. If you think being electric means no power and no speed? then think again because this unit was stout.

Challenge Results

  • 1st Place ? Team Defending Champs (Terry William, Mike Williams, & Chip Humphries)
    • 1 coyote, 1 bobcat, 3 foxes
  • 2nd Place ? Team Black Coyote - Jesse Dean & Chas Morton (Lincolnton NC / Rock Hill SC)
    • 1 coyote
  • 3rd Place ? Team Huntshack - Tommy Darby, Spiro Poulos, Darrin Boyd (Chester, SC)
    • 1 fox
  • Big Dog Winner ? Team Black Coyote - Jesse Dean & Chas Morton (Lincolnton NC / Rock Hill SC)
    • 40lb coyote

WeHuntSC.com - Team Defending Champs goes back to back with another predator challenge title

WeHuntSC.com - 2nd place & Big Dog winner Jesse Dean of Team Black CoyoteCongratulations to Terry, Mike, & Chip for going back to back and really representing by bringing in a truck load of predators. I also thought it was a very kind act when Terry, Mike, & Chip turned around and gave the majority of their prizes away to the other hunters and attendees at the check-in. Because many of the prizes were duplicates from last year they decided to share their winnings with those in attendance. So we put names in a hat and drew them out & gave most of their prizes 1 by 1 to everyone present at the check-in. So kudos to Team Defending Champs for not only winning, but for being gracious with their prizes as well. (I think everyone at the check-in would agree).

The big winner of the day was Team Black Coyote who won both 2nd place and the Big Dawg award. Winning both categories doubled their prizes winnings. Mr. Jesse Dean and his son drove away with some really big smiles on their faces and with a truck full of prizes headed back to Lincolnton, NC. Jesse was pumped up and rightfully so!

Thanks again to all the sponsors who donated prizes so that we could host the challenge again. We?ll be back next year at the same time to do it again so from now until then? keep shooting coyotes!



Announcing the 2012 WeHuntSC.com Predator Challenge
    WeHuntSC.com - Download the Flyer
  Download & Print the flyer
We?re excited to announce that we?re hosting the 2nd annual WeHuntSC.com Predator Challenge! If you?re interested in participating go ahead and block out the dates for Jan 13, 14, & 15 because this is the weekend that the competition is happening. 
The rules this year are pretty much the same with only a few small changes. Teams will still consist of 3 hunters, you must be registered online in order to participate, and we?re still meeting at the Sportsmen?s Warehouse in Columbia, SC for the check-in. You can see the full list of rules under the ?Rules? tab on the predator challenge page. Keep in mind that this challenge is open to hunters from other states as well! If you?re in a neighboring state feel free to hunt and join us in the predator challenge. We?d love to have you.
Registration for the predator competition will go live on November 15th and we?re cutting it off on Jan 13th so if you?re going to have a team this year be sure to register on the predator challenge page during that time period. We have some good sponsors & prize packages and we?re still rounding out the last few so bear with us on that. We?re going to post the prize packages here shortly so stay tuned.
If you?re a deer or turkey hunter and are aware of what coyotes are doing to the game populations around SC then you should strongly consider participating in this challenge! Hopefully we can collectively put a dent in the predator population and promote the sport of predator hunting at the same time.
We?re really looking forward to the Predator Challenge and hope you are too! See ya at the check-in.
Find out more information on the Predator Challenge page.


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