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WeHuntSC.com Gun Decals

I recently went hunting with one of our duck bloggers, Gavin Jackson, and when we were hunting I noticed something unique on his gun.  Gavin had a put a very small vinyl WeHuntSC.com decal on the barrel of his gun!  Creativity.  Of course I liked the innovation and took some pics of his setup. 

Pic of Gavin?s gun

WeHuntSC.com - Gun Decals by Josh Johnson

Turns out that Gavin had Josh Johnson of J-Graphix to create this for him.  Josh works with us a lot on graphics and can also help you out if you would like some vinyl WeHuntSC.com decals for your gun barrel too!

Below is a quick video of the images of the decals on Gavin?s Gun

If you would like to put some of these on your gun, just contact Josh Johnson and he can assist you!



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