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Did the Blogosphere Just Cool Down?
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If you judge the level of activity on the site by the frequency of the blog entries in the past few weeks, then you are mistaken!  It?s getting really busy here with everything leading up to deer season.  We?re tying up loose ends, shifting the photo galleries around, maintaining/upgrading the site platform, going to meetings, taking part in hunting and fishing campaigns (you?ll hear about it soon), getting competitions lined up both on the site and with the sponsors, getting shirts and stickers squared away, getting ready for the fall food plots, working like the devil on a custom application for the site, checking game cams, getting stands out, visiting processors, and chasing people down via email to give them Thermacells and on and on and on.  It makes me dizzy just thinking about it all!

So fear not, this is just the calm before the storm and we?re excited to see what hunters around the state have going on this coming season.  We?re anticipating some exciting footage coming from the low-state down around the Hanahan area as Derek Coblentz & Nick Pye will be getting in the woods and blogging about their hunts.  Of course I?ll be hunting (when the wife lets me that is) and carrying my cameras with me and trying not to miss another doe right in front of my face again?that one still gets to me sometimes.  Anyway, with all this off-season food plot work, I just hope I can at least see one near the food plots!  Only time will tell about it though.

We?re also getting considerable traffic from other states.  From the metrics reports it looks like our friends right across the line in NC seem particularly interested in seeing what?s going on in SC.  Maybe we?ll open up WeHuntNC.com next season and see who?s got the biggest deer in the Carolinas!  And if the guys in NC happen to have pics of bigger deer than us, then we?ll just play them in football or baseball and settle things!  (Notice how I left basketball out?mainly because of Duke).  No man it?s all in good fun.  We?ve actually got members of the site from NC so thanks for checking us out!

Don?t forget about the Pee Dee Deer Classic coming up next weekend (July 30 ? Aug 1!)

Remember to take your cameras in the woods with you this year or at least to get some pics so you can share with everyone!



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