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The Gander Mountain Visit
    WeHuntSC.com - Gander Mountain Storefront
  Gander Mountain Storefront

On the way up to DC I spotted a huge Gander Mountain store on the left side of the road somewhere near Richmond, Virginia.  We made a mental note to stop on the way back down just to see what is was like.  I?ve always heard of Gander Mountain and have seen the magazines, but have never seen an actual ?brick and mortar? store like this.  It seemed relatively new.

The store is huge and sits right off of interstate 85.  There?s no way to miss it if you?re ever up that way.  We did learn some valuable information about Gander Mountain though.  Garth asked the guy why there were no Gander Mountains in South Carolina and he told us that the organization is having trouble setting up stores in South Carolina and Georgia due to some tax issues.  He didn?t elaborate on the matter, but we told him that we?d love to have them anywhere around the state if possible.  According to the greeter, the closest store to South Carolina, well at least Pageland, is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The store was really nice, clean, and big.  For the most part it was really similar to a BassPro, but they did have some different name brands and different gear around.  They also had a lot of flat screens around the store which I thought was neat.

As we were walking and videoing around the store the clerks and workers were looking at us kind of oddly?imagine that!  As we got near one specific section we met Jamal Stanton who is a worker in the store and also a member of several pro-staffs.  Jamal said he?s a big turkey and deer hunter and since he was standing beside a Thermacell display, he gave us a Thermacell testimony.  See Jamal?s endorsement below.

We continued around the store and just looked at the displays and products.  It was a really neat store.  I did take the opportunity to buy a diaphragm call so I could practice in the car on the way back down the road which made Garth very happy!  And if you listen to the sounds I making, then you can see why I need practice!

Garth did attempt to insert some comedic value in the video tour of Gander Mountain so be ready for it in the below video.  Also, sorry to spin the camera so fast on the one shot. I got dizzy watching it myself. Another area for me to tighten up in!  I'll get better.

So I don?t know if you?ll ever be around Richmond, Virginia or Fayetteville, North Carolina, but if you are, it?s worth your time to give Gander Mountain a stop!




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