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Search WeHuntSC.com with In-Line Search Feature

This is just a quick blog entry to let you know that I?ve embedded some additional functionality in the site to make searching easier.  If it?s aggravating you, then I?ll take it out, but if you like it (or don?t care) then I?ll leave it in. 

It's simple, you just highlight some text and immediately after highlighting the text you?ll see a search button appear.  It will look like this

WeHuntSC.com - How to use in-line search

After you click the search button you will see a small window open up in the top right-hand corner of the site giving you information about the term you searched for.  The search is divided up into 3 sections Explore, Videos, & Images? which you can click on to get images or videos.  The Explore view is the default view and gives you information in the form of text and links.  It looks like this

WeHuntSC.com - Search Results

So this is just another little something I?ve added to make the site more user friendly.  Let me know if you do or don?t like it and we?ll progress accordingly.

Hoot, it may help you find rabbits online, but not in the field!  I?m still working on that app :)



Snow in SC ? again

Do you remember the blog entry ? A long, cold winter ? that I wrote back in the middle of December? The gist of the blog entry was that nature gives signals about the upcoming winter.  I had talked with a gentlemen about the large amount of acorns that were present this past deer hunting season and he told me that was a sign that we were going to have a long and cold winter.  So I went and researched and it turns out there are many different signs that outdoorsman say can predict an upcoming difficult winter.

Well, so far, I would say that the gentlemen?s prediction is right on track.  We?ve had more snow than I can remember in a while.  It has definitely been colder, (and rekindled ardent conversation on global warming all on the news!), snow has reached parts of the coast that haven?t seen snow in a long time, and the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter. It does seem that nature?s forecast of a long cold winter was accurate.

Here in Rock Hill we got 3 ? 3.5 inches of snow and Pageland got 4 ? 5 inches.  

WeHuntSC.com - Rock Hill Snow   WeHuntSC.com - Pageland SC snow
Rock Hill Snow (around 3 - 4 inches)   Pageland Snow (around 4 - 5 inches)
WeHuntSC.com - McBee Snow Fun    
McBee Snow (around 3 - 3.5 inches)
user submitted photo

If you?ve got any neat pics from the snow in your location, send them to me and I?ll post them to this blog.



Traction Made in Initial Deer Hunting Season

In case you didn?t know the story, WeHuntSC.com launched in September of 2009.  We weren?t exactly sure as to how the site would take among the hunting audience in SC.  We have been surprised at the growth of the site and energy surrounding it.  We are working hard on the back end to keep the site up and going and keep sponsorships coming in.   It?s fun to do and we are trying to keep it interesting as much as possible.

I wanted to communicate some of our web metrics to you all so that you can get a scope of the audience following the site & so that the competition winners know that there were more than 2 people looking at the site! Lol

Anyway, in the State of South Carolina we had 2,537 unique visitors from 70 cities


If you are curious as to which cities the dots represent or you want to know the frequency of visits per city, just DOWNLOAD THE STATE METRICS REPORT HERE

We also got some attention of states other than South Carolina.  To see which other states (40) that visited our site and the frequency with which they did, just DOWNLOAD THE NATION METRICS REPORT HERE

Overall we had over 37,000 page views from 3,995 visitors. 


So we are off the ground!  We?re going to keep pushing and marketing and hopefully the site will grow even more.  I?m going to update the site to a new, updated version of the site before too long.  I?m excited about it, but still have some finishing touches/updates to get configured.  Maintaining 2 sites at once is not an easy task!

Also, we announced the competition winners today!  Congratulations to Chad, Shannon, & Trent for winning our first annual competitions.  We?re going to deliver their prizes to them next weekend and shoot some video of the winners to include in a future blog.

Now back to the grind? thanks!



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A lot of time in the woods but no meat in the freezer!

It seems I?ve been hunting a lot so far this year, but don?t have anything to show for it.  Missing a doe, letting small does & fawns walk, and letting a few young bucks stroll through makes for exciting times in the woods, but doesn?t help my freezer out.  Can anybody else feel my pain?  

I think there is a time in every deer hunting season when I feel like the quality/larger deer are smarter than I am (or maybe it?s just me).  We get good images of deer on the game cam at all hours of the day and night.  I come home from football games and see them eating in the yard, looking in my mail-box, and along the roadside.  They are out and about all around the clock except for when I?m hunting.  Hopefully the rut will get them out at some different hours of the day soon enough.  
Also, this year there seems to be a never-ending supply of acorns.  Are any of you noticing the same thing?  We?ve got corn out, but the deer are not hitting it too hard right now because they are eating all the acorns.  Hopefully the supply of acorns will lessen as the season goes on and it gets a little colder.  
We?ve also had some neat new images posted to the site so be sure to check them out.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site or want a WeHuntSC.com sticker, just let us know and we?ll try to accommodate your wishes.


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