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WinnTuck Waterfowl Competition Winner John Shell Receives Prizes

  WeHuntSC.com - John Shell with his prizes
  John Shell decked out with his prizes
A week ago John Shell won the 2010 WinnTuck Waterfowl Competition by a land slide.  John had a great picture of his dog ?Dixie Belle? on a dog stand just over the water with ducks hanging off the tree the stand was on.  Our site audience unanimously voted his picture as the winner.  John?s picture received 140 votes and the next closest entry received 36 votes.  John was the undisputed winner.  
One of my favorite things to do with the site is to deliver the winners their prizes.  We were able to catch up with John this past weekend to deliver his prizes to him.  We met John and also were able to meet his dob ?Dixie Belle? as well.  We loaded John down with prizes from WinnTuck, Lodge Creek Calls, & Hobo Calls and shot a video and took pictures of it all.  
Check out John loaded down with his winnings below:
See John's interview below:
Thanks again to WinnTuck, Lodge Creek Calls, & Hobo Calls for making our competition possible!

John Shell - 2011 Waterfowl Competition Winner
       WeHuntSC.com - John Shell's Competition Winning Pic
  John Shell's Competition Winning Pic

With 58% of the total votes John Shell has won the 2011 WinnTuck Waterfowl Competition!  We had some really good entries in this year?s competition and it didn?t take long for the crew from the Charleston area to start logging a ton of votes.  We had a major traffic surge in the site out of the Charleston area voting for John so I imagine that?s the area where John?s located! 

John had a really nice pic of his dog on a dog-stand right over the water with the wood ducks (what I assume is a limit) hanging from the tree.  Most importantly John did get the date in the picture as well!  The combination of a good pic + a ton of votes = John?s about to get a bunch of free goodies!

See the voting statistics

Congratulations to John for winning and another big thanks to WinnTuck, Hobo Calls, & Lodge Creek Calls for donating products to make this competition possible!  ? Oh yeah ? John, when you read this send me an email so we can figure out when we can get you the prizes. 



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