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Michael Lord to blog with WeHuntSC.com
  WeHuntSC.com - Michael Lord
  Michael Lord

We?re excited to have Michael Lord as part of the WeHuntSC.com blog team.  Michael is a very talented singer, speaker, hunter who uses all of his skills as a ministry. Michael hails from Spartanburg, SC and runs Michael Lord Outdoors which is a ministry that seeks to engage outdoorsmen with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  Michael Lord is an avid outdoorsman who loves God and the people He created.  This is Michael?s 20 year anniversary in ministry. 

Michael speaks and sings at outdoor events, wild-game banquets, camps, and everywhere in between.  If you need a speaker or worship leader for an event, you can get in touch with Michael at his web site, on Twitter, and on Facebook.  If you went to the 2011 Sportsman?s Banquet at Second Baptist Church in Lancaster, Michael was on hand leading worship at the event.

Michael?s blogs are going to be somewhat different in that they will mostly be video blogs?which some refer to as ?vlogs?.  I know that I?m pumped to see what Michael will bring to the site. I won?t spoil Michael?s own introduction for him, but I just wanted to communicate the addition of a new blogger to the team. Join me in welcoming Michael to the site.



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