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Supreme Court Extends Right to Bear Arms
   WeHuntSC.com - The Supreme Court Building

As I posted earlier this year, the right to bear arms has been a popular issue in our nation?s capital.  Today the case of McDonald vs. Chicago was held in the Supreme Court and the outcome was a big win for gun owners. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, anything having to do with guns and legislation, the NRA would be all over.  The same is true with this court case as well.  The executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre has a good post on the NRA home page about the ruling.  He says it a whole lot better than I can so I?ve posted his remarks on it below.

The following is being re-posted from the NRA?s web site and are the words of Wayne LaPierre

WeHuntSC.com - Wayne LaPierre's Comments on McDonald vs Chicago Ruling

A Guy in DC resigned and How That May Affect You In The Future
    WeHuntSC.com - The WeHuntSC.com Sticker in Front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC
  The WeHuntSC.com Sticker in Front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC
  WeHuntSC.com - The Washington Nationals New Baseball Stadium
  The Washington Nationals New Baseball Stadium

This past weekend while the rest of the crew stayed home and was getting the job done turkey hunting, Garth Knight and I went up to Washington DC on a road trip dubbed by Garth as ?The last road trip before Clint is on lock-down?.  We went up to visit a friend of mine named Andy Polk who works for Congresswoman Sue Myrick.   We had a really good time and even made it to a Nationals baseball game.  Their new park is really nice and I would recommend it to you if you?re ever going that way. 

Our road trip to DC and the details of our trip are probably not important to you and also wouldn?t be a good fit for this blog.  Though, while we were there I talked with some people who are informed about politics and they offered some insight from which I think you may benefit.  I?m not big on politics and don?t hope to start some political debate on a blog entry, but rather simply hope to convey information to you.

On to the point?Recently Supreme Court Justice Stevens resigned from his position.  A Supreme Court Justice?s term is usually for a lifetime and therefore they retain a lot of power.  With the recent resignation, President Obama will make a selection for a replacement justice.   I researched on the net to find some information that pertained to Just Steven?s resignation and found this quote from Reuters.com:

Obama is expected to choose someone who will follow the same basic judicial philosophy as Stevens and is unlikely to change the court's overall ideological balance, which has been closely divided with five conservatives and four liberals.

Stevens has supported abortion and gay rights and gun restrictions and opposed the death penalty. In recent major business cases, he wrote rulings allowing lawsuits against tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.

See Full Article

I bring this to your attention to point out the notion of gun restrictions that President Obama is looking for in the next justice.  I don?t believe the new justice being selected will have any immediate consequences for gun owners.  Though, I do want to highlight the underlying concept of making it more difficult to own or purchase arms.  Given the right scenario or, say, another justice resigning, you never know what may happen.  Sometimes it?s good to be aware of what?s going on at the top so we?ll know how it may affect us.  For my part, I?ll be looking to buy my guns before they start making it more difficult than it should be.  Also, rest assured that the NRA will be all over anything that may come of this in the future.



139th NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits to be held in Charlotte, NC May 14 ? 16
   WeHuntSC.com - NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte NC, May 14-16, 2010
  A Screenshot of the NRA's web site

The National Rifle Association?s 139th Annual Meeting & Exhibits will be held in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina on May 14 ? 16th.   If you?re in the upstate of South Carolina it?s not that bad of a trip, but if you?re in other parts of the state, it?s worth the ride!  The events will be held at the Convention Center which is just a few blocks away from the Panther?s stadium.  (See Google Map to location).

I might add that if you are going to attend the convention, then you may want to stop in and check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame which is also a few blocks from the Convention Center.  It is brand new and is just now finishing construction.  It looks likeNRA members and guests get an exclusive visit.  I can tell you that it?s an impressive building and that they?ve been working on it for a good while now.  How do I know this, because I literally ride right by the building every day going into and out of work!  I?ve almost hit some of those construction workers as they dart across the road to get to the job site in the daunting Charlotte traffic.  That brings up another good point?if you?re going to come to the event, be ready for some one way roads that change names whenever they want to coupled with chaotic downtown traffic in Charlotte. 

The weekend looks like it?s packed with events such as member meetings, celebration forums, speeches from key note speakers Sean Hannity, and Speaker Newt Gingrich with special addresses by Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, and Ted Neugent is going to be on hand and will give a seminar.  There will also be a prayer breakfast where my old Liberty University chancellor?s son, Johnathan Falwell, will give the keynote address with music by Charles Billingsley, Joy Lippard, and the Children of the World choir.  If you?ve ever heard Charles Billingsley sing before then you know that he is the truth!  He sang when I was at Liberty and he was very good. 

And the list of events goes on and on with auctions, firearms seminars, tours, shooting and defense seminars, workshops, etc.

If you want to know more about the events of this weekend, just check out the event web site at http://www.nraam.org/index.html.



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