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GearFrenzy partners with WeHuntSC.com for Turkey of The Year Competition
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We are excited to announce that GearFrenzy has partnered with us to sponsor this year?s ?Turkey of the Year Competition?!  GearFrenzy is an up and coming online marketplace for all things hunting gear.  GearFrenzy has a lot of video from some of the outdoor pros on their site and they specifically talk about the products they use within the site.  If you haven?t checked out their site, you should give it a look at www.GearFrenzy.com

An excerpt from the GearFrenzy web page:

At Gear Frenzy, we believe choosing the right gear shouldn?t be hard, but with so many options, it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy!

To help you get ready for your next trip, we are teaming up with the best hunters in the industry, bringing you expert advice straight from the people you know and trust. Not only can you see the gear they use, but you can also see firsthand how and why they use it. It?s an experience like no other.

Get invited into Michael Waddell?s hunting shed, sit in the stand next to Tiffany Lakosky and do laundry with Mark Kayser! These are just some of the experiences you will have while at Gear Frenzy. And the best thing about it? We are just getting started!

So now that you know a little bit about them, feel free buy products from their web site and tell them that WeHuntSC.com sent you!



QDMA Partners with WeHuntSC.com
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Quality Deer Management Association
The WeHuntSC.com team is pleased to announce that QDMA is working with us to bring our site audience a monthly ?Article of the month?.  Quality Deer Management (QDM) is a management philosophy/practice that unites landowners, hunters, and managers in a common goal of producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds within existing environmental, social, and legal constraints. 
QDMA publishes the Quality Whitetails Journal on a regular basis and the articles featured on our site will come from recent editions of the journal.  The most-respected deer biologists, researchers and experts from around the country can be found on the pages of Quality Whitetails. No other publication offers the level of fresh, practical and reliable information on food plots, habitat management, deer behavior and deer hunting. Receiving Quality Whitetails is like having the experts along with you on your hunting property allowing readers to take what they learn and apply it directly to their land.
After speaking with the marketing director for QDMA, I learned that the QDMA organization initially started in coastal South Carolina!  So it?s only appropriate that the South Carolina hunting web site and QDMA be involved with each other.
We hope the articles featured on the site will enrich your knowledge of all things deer hunting and, over time, help the quality of deer in our state.

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