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The Ambiguous term ?Pro-Staff?
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Years ago when you heard the word ?Pro-Staff? what did you think?  Is it the same thing you think in 2010?  A recent conversation I had brought this subject up and had me thinking about it which initiated this blog entry. 

When I think about the word ?Pro-Staff? I think of a person, or a group of people, who are well recognized and respected in the hunting community who, may either get paid or who receive free products from organizations, to go out and test their new products.  Coupled with that is the notion which may only exist in my mind, that the organization giving the products uses some type of feedback loop where the recognized hunter lets the organization know how their product(s) performed and can be improved.  From this feedback, I envision the organizations making adjustments to their products in order to make them as good as possible.  Thus, the hunter gets publicity, new products, and the organizations create solid products in which they feel confident because they?ve been field tested by the best.  This is the definition of the term ?Pro-Staff? as I see it in my mind?.or as I use to see it.

Recently I?ve come to meet a lot of people who say they are ?on the ___(fill in the company)___ Pro-Staff?.  More and more often I bump into people I?ve never heard of before who say they?re on a ?Pro-Staff?.  Some even claim to be on multiple ?Pro-Staffs?.  Is the hunting industry growing so fast that you can find a ?Pro-Staff? member right around the corner or is it just a coincidence?  As I?ve come to hear the phrase used more frequently, I?ve recognized a growing grey area around the meaning of those two words?at least in my mind.  Though, I could be unaware of some company?s aggressive campaign strategy surrounding making local hunters members of their ?Pro-Staffs? and if I am please let me know, but somehow I think the term is getting a little diluted and misused.   Maybe orgs don?t mind letting people be on their ?Pro-Staff? because if they tell someone that they are on their ?Pro Staff?  and send them some stickers and/or a shirt then instantly the person becomes a ____(fill in the company)____ promoter in their area?  Maybe that?s the point of being on a ?Pro-Staff? though.

Now if you?re on a ?Pro-Staff? don?t be offended by my taking a critical lens and analyzing the meaning of the word ?Pro-Staff?.  Words do have to have meaning right?  I?m just asking the question.  I may just be uninformed and out of the loop.  So don?t go and get your feathers ruffled, rather enlighten me in the comment section below if you wish. 

How many ?Pro-Staffers? do you know or have you met?  Do organizations benefit from having hunters as members of ?Pro-Staffs??and if so, how?  What is the criteria for being on a ?Pro-Staff??  Is it merely marketing strategy or is it to enhance the quality of their products?  Is there a difference between being a field-tester and a ?Pro-Staffer??  Again, I?m just exploring the meaning of the phrase.

For all I know, I may be on a few ?Pro-Staffs? right now and not even know it.  Maybe WeHuntSC.com should start a ?Pro-Staff? just for laughs, but not really.  I think we?ll start selling SC-shed-antler-turkey-call-strikers and if we send you some + some stickers then you can be on our ?Pro-Staff?.

So what is your definition of a ?pro-staffer??



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