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Seeing deer, scouting land, & waiting for the right one

This past weekend was pretty exciting in the woods.  The deer were definitely moving and the bucks are marking their ground with every corner I turn. More and more leaves keep falling increasing visibility in the woods which is a good thing!  Though, still not many deer are going to the corn in the places where we?ve got it out.  Acorns still seem to be the food of choice?or at least that?s my perception.  The recent rains made crossing the creek more fun and made for some wet areas in the woods.  I guess the make 4-wheel-drive for a reason though!  (As the truck sits at the house with mud all down the back)

On the way in Saturday morning we saw a really neat scene.  As we were crossing the small creek in the truck, there was a big owl just sitting perched up on a branch that overhangs the creek.  I stopped the truck and we looked at him for a little bit.  He stared us down and then when we moved again he flew off.   It was a neat start to the hunting trip.  When I arrived to the stand it was early and still really dark.   I sat in complete darkness for longer than usual before it got light.  There was a lot of movement going on behind me which I thought to be deer, but given the complete darkness, I wasn?t sure what to make of it.  Not knowing what is behind you or its proximity to you can work on your nerves a little bit.  Sure enough, about 10 minutes later I heard a blow and what sounded like about 3 deer to take off running the leaves.  This all happened before daylight. 

For the next 2.5 hours I merely watched leaves fall on top of the corn that I have out and watched about 7 squirrels go wild in the woods.  I think the squirrels are in rut right now...lol! It was warm out there as well.  I even got bit by a mosquito at one point.  On the way out we noticed several scrapes as we could obviously see better because of the sunlight.  The bucks were and are working the area.
We went back in the woods during mid-day to look at some different areas.  This particular plot of land has a little bit of everything on it, corn fields, soy bean fields, creeks, ponds, flat lands, and some very steep hillsides.  It?s a very unique area to have all of those features in such a relatively small stretch of land.  So we scouted out some new areas of woods and I walked along a ridge and was interested in the other side.  I almost fell several times as I worked my way down the hill, jumped a creek, immediately back up the other side of the hill on a steep incline, then jumped a barbed wire fence, and finally got up to the other side of the hill.  Also, I saw something neat on the barbwire fence.  I saw an acorn that had fallen and gotten hung on a barb in the fence.  I imagine the chances of this happening are very low.  So, I took some pics of it.  Check it out.
The big rub on the hill  
After I regained my breath (cause the trekking up and down the small valley got me tired) I walked around the crest of the hill.  There are pines and cedars on top of the hill.  It?s a pretty scene as you stand at the top of the hill because to your right, left, & in front of you is nothing but a steep drop off down to where two creeks connect below.  The journey there is so rugged that you have to really want to be at that spot.  Anyway, as I walked up the hill I noticed a huge scrap in front of a cedar tree on a flat spot on top of the hill.  It was a fresh scrape, as in that morning fresh.  I also saw a huge rub on a tree.  As I walked around I found more rubs on smaller trees.  I felt like I was on an island out in the middle of the woods that not many people had been to, but there was obviously a buck in the area.   Since I saw so much positive and fresh sign in there, I decided to come back to that spot later that afternoon and just sit down on the ground to see what I could see.
When I returned I made the journey again only this time carrying all my stuff with me.  Since I had seen a lot of scrapes on the hilltop, I decided to spray my boots down with some doe estress scent.  I put some ?hunter?s cologne? on both of my boots right when I got off the 4-wheeler.  That doe estress is one of the best smelling scents to have ever come across my nose and I can see why buck are attracted to it.  Yeah right, man that stuff stinks 
Down the hill, cross the creek, up the hill, cross the fence and I finally found a decent spot on the ground.  I sat down overlooking the steep hillside to the right.  I leaned on a pine tree and watched more leaves fall as these hills are covered in trees.  I sat for some time and heard random sounds in the leaves that were similar to what squirrels make.  It was only ever so often though.  Since it was so steep I couldn?t see what was directly below me, but had a better vantage point for the hilltop and the opposite hillside on the other side of the creek.  After a while I noticed a flicker of white to my right.  Since I was sitting on the ground my visibility was limited.  There was also a cedar tree that had fallen over right beside me so the green of it gave me cover, but also constrained my vision.  At first I thought it was the flicker of a squirrel?s tail.  It was about 15 yards away.  A few more flickers and then a small doe popped her head up and looked straight at me.  She repeatedly moved her head up and down up and down trying to fake me out and see if I?d move.  I just held still though.  The doe finally got confident and walked in front of me.  I could have hit it with a pine cone!  It strutted very cautiously in front of me.  She knew something was wrong, but since I didn?t move she couldn?t figure it out.  Me smelling like estress probably messed her up too.  I heard every step she took as she went down the hillside.  I even heard her slip and fall down the hill.  It sounded like she took a decent fall before she regained her balance and got back up.  Eventually the sounds of her steps indicated that she went on down the valley towards the creek and the echoes of her steps faded into the woods.
  The fresh scrape I saw on the hill
About 20 minutes later, it was getting close to being dark.  I saw a movement across the creek on the other hillside.  I was scanning the woods on this side of the creek when I saw a movement of brown out of the corner of my eye.  I turned and focused in more with my eyes and I saw a big body across the way.  Just the size of his body got my heart beating.  He took two steps and was back under some cover and I couldn?t find him in the scope.  I believe this was the big guy who has been rubbing on the trees and is responsible for some of those scrapes.  As I was scanning the other hillside with the scope, I heard a stick pop behind me.  I turned and looked and another doe was 5 yards behind me crossing the top of the hill.  It was like deer were all around me, but I couldn?t do anything about it.  This doe was too small as well + the fact that I?m not pulling the trigger on anything in there unless it?s worth it.  Dragging a deer up down these hills will be a workout if I ever have to do it.  So I?m being selective out on the remote ridge.  
Soon enough it was dark and I headed on out.  I fell once coming down the hill just like the deer did, but at least I didn?t fall into the creek.  Again the Coast Head light made it easy to see in the woods and so I eventually made it out safely.  I will have a stand up in there before long and hopefully I?ll see big boy again and be able to get him in the scope.  
I?ve always heard that big deer hold in thick places that are hard to get to.  Maybe that is the case.  We shall see in due time!

And the Eagles won again? on to the 3rd round and Strom Thurmond for the second year in a row.


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