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27th Annual Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic Review
Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic 2011  

SCDNR would probably have wished for a little nicer weather but my son, Riley, and I didn't let the rain put a damper on our time at the 27th Annual Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic.  If you're like me these events are an adrenaline rush.  I guess it's just being surrounded by things that get me fired up and this year the rain couldn't put out the fire on this event. 

As noted earlier, I had Riley with me so I didn't have too much of a plan for how we would explore the event.  He is 4yrs old, so I figured we would play it by ear.  Just a few minutes into our journey through the vendors we came up on a pop gun that Riley had to have.  I thought this was a good idea because it would keep him occupied.  Well, after a few pops from this thing I was searching the vendors for a silencer!  He was in heaven, so I didn't stop the popping, although we got some evil looks.  Riley made sure he gave those evil eye lookers an extra pop.  Oh boy!

As we made our way down the isles of vendors, I had my eyes peeled for products that not only caught my eye but ones that would make me a more efficient hunter.  A few of these that I noted were as follows:

McNett Camo Form

This protective camouflage wrap caught my eye as I am always looking for ways to conceal my gun, camera, and stand.  This is a stretch fabric wrap that reminded me of an ankle wrap or ace bandage.  It is not tape so it doesn't leave a residue and it can be reused.  I found this product at the Shooter's Choice of West Columbia stand and after the gentleman with them wrapped my arm with it I was sold. 

Hammock Seat

If you've ever hunted on the ground you know that the ground is not so forgiving.  Well, when I sat in the Hammock Seat I was ready for a nap.  This thing was very comfortable and swiveled to allow a shot at any angle.  I've killed a couple deer from the ground and I wish I would've had this seat then. 

Buck Smoke

As I stopped to take a picture with Riley and a wild boar, I caught a whiff of a deer scent that put me in search mode.  Man this stuff was strong.  I finally found the source and it was a scent called Buck Smoke.  It was a wax looking substance contained in what looked like a shoe polish container.  I was intrigued because this was a no liquid and therefore no mess scent.  This scent was being sold at the Big E Outfitters stand.  They had some amazing animals displayed at their stand.

Mckenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag

Scent control is a must in the deer woods and I am definitely going to try this bag out this coming season.  I often find myself searching on the way to the stand for some pine or cedar to rub on my clothes before a hunt.  That is definitely not an efficient way to control my scent.  For me this bag is going to make it much more easy to seal my clothes up and control my scent before a hunt.  Definitely a must have for me.  The Mckenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag vendor stand also was displaying the Jake Intimidator and Crossover Camo.  A dangerous looking combination. 

F2 Outdoors

Gator hunting has been the new rage in South Carolina the past couple years and this vendor caught my eye with the gator skull mount sitting ready to chomp.  Not that talking gators could get any better but they also were displaying custom truck seat covers.  This was a pretty neat looking set up that I'll have to check out this coming gator season. 

A couple other vendors that caught my eye were Pin Oak Taxidermy with the Camo Skulls and Hunter's Comfort with the Rack Shack hunting houses.  I was also impressed with the versatility of the Hunt Pac and the guarantee made by the X-Factor crew on their bow sound and vibration dampeners.   Riley got a picture with Brad Hoover of the Carolina Panthers at the Buck Yum stand.   I also picked up a Winn Tuck t-shirt and hat.  Winn Tuck had a really neat set up as you will see in my video.   I am also a sucker for things that are handcrafted.  A couple that stood out were the longbows made by Saluda River Bows (Doug Warren (803) 924-4285) and the kayaks made by Pledger's Craft.  These looked like works of art made for the great outdoors. 

Overall, we had a great time.  We closed the day with some cotton candy and a few more pops from the pop gun.  Did anyone else get out in the rain and check out the Classic?  Check out the recap video below.


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