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SOE and WeHuntSC.com Have Successful Turkey Hunt

Recently we?ve posted some trail cam pics of turkeys and mentioned that we were getting after them and would elaborate further when the time was right.  Well, the time is now right and we?ve got some good news to share.

On random weekends and throughout the week over the past month we?ve been hunting with Jamie and Jacob Satterfield from the TV show ?Southern Outdoor Experience?.  You all see where we attempt to get turkeys & deer on camera, but these guys have a real TV show and they hunt in style if you know what I mean.  

We were in contact with Jamie and Jacob and had lined up some hunts with them as we prepared for turkey season.  Every time they came down the birds were out and about, but getting a shot on them proved to be difficult.  I like to say its ?Murphy?s Law? that whenever you take a camera hunting that nothing will move.  Though, these guy?s camera is a just a little bit different than mine if you catch my drift.

Jamie and Jacob returned this past weekend to hunt again.  While Garth and I were checking things out in Washington, Will and Adam stayed home to do some turkey hunting.  We were all crossing our fingers hoping that they would finally get a good shot on a bird.  From my perspective, I was sleeping in DC and I start getting flooded with text messages from Will saying ?Big Bird Down, Big Bird Down? and I knew what that meant.  I was sleepy and yet excited.  It wasn?t long before I got the post game from Will and he told me the story of the hunt.

Will said they arrived early and Jamie placed 2 hen decoys about 15 yards out in front of them.  They started calling a little after sunrise.  He said initially they heard some gobbles in the distance, but after a while it calmed down and there was a long period with no sign of a turkey anywhere nearby.  Then, along about 8:15 or so, Will spotted a bird down in the right corner of the field.  The turkey was walking out from the woods into the edge of the field.  The bird turned out to be a really nice gobbler and Jacob started calling.  When the turkey heard the call, he perked his head up as if to see where the sound came from.  Will said that when tom perked his head up, he saw the decoys and immediately sprinted about 50 yards directly to the hen decoys.  Of course this was the perfect set up for the S.O.E. crew to get a good South Carolina turkey on film.  Will said that the turkey came right in and got really close to the decoys and was strutting his stuff big time.  Then Jacob took the bird while the camera was rolling!  It turned out to be the perfect hunt.  After the hunt, Will said that Jamie and Jacob did some cut-away shots and some a wrap-up segment and that was it.

I could tell Will was excited and Jamie even emailed me a picture of the bird while I was away.  When I got the email I saw what all the hype was about.  They got a nice turkey and hopefully some nice footage.  In time, we hope to see the hunt on TV somewhere and if we do, we?ll make a fuss about it over here of course.

WeHuntSC.com - Southern Outdoor Experience Hunt

Now Will was rolling some film during the hunt, but we didn?t want to potentially mess up their hunt fidgeting around trying to capture the bird on film.  We also don?t want to post any footage that they may put on their show.  So, in the blow video you will see the set-up and then the post game segment after the turkey is down.  There is a blatant gap where the bird approached and kill-shot happened.  Obviously we don?t want to spoil anything for S.O.E.  So, given the constraints, here?s the video that we are airing.

You may wonder what Jamie and Jacob are like being that they hunt on TV and all that.  These guys are just as down to earth as the next and are easy going, good people.  They were very appreciative and thankful to us for taking them hunting.  You wouldn?t know they were on TV if you just met them on the street.  Overall, it took a few times and some patience, but in the end Jacob was able to get a good South Carolina turkey.  

The next day brought another hunt and another turkey?more to come.




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