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Wildlife Life Energy Drinks to Sponsor 2010 Deer Competitions
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  Wildlife Energy Shots

We?re excited to announce that Wildlife Energy Drinks will sponsor all 5 of the 2010 Deer Hunting Competitions here on the site.  Wildlife Energy Drinks was one of our very first sponsors and continues to support us in our efforts and we are very grateful for the support! 

Last year I posted a review blog on Wildlife Energy Drink.  See the Blog Review on Wildlife Energy Drink

This year, Wildlife Energy Drink has come out with a new product ?the Wildlife Energy Shot.  The Energy Shot is suitably shaped as a shotgun shell and is designed for times when endurance is needed.  Each competition winner will receive 2 cases of Wildlife Energy Shots. 

Check out www.WildlifeEnergy.com  for more information on Wildlife Energy Drinks, Shots, and other products.

And the prize packages just keep on getting better.



Wildlife Energy Drink


If you ever need a burst of energy fueled by a sweet tasting beverage, then look no further.  Wildlife Energy Drink is a unique tasting drink that definitely gives you energy.  Sometimes the WeHuntSC.com team has to pull some long hours and there have been many hunts that have been fueled by Wildlife Energy Drink.  Late night blog postings have also been written while sipping on this unique drink.  

Another thing that is attractive about this beverage is the fact that the Wildlife Energy Drink organization is a quality organization that gives back to the outdoors via conservation projects.  So when you invest in this company by buying a drink, you?re also investing, in a small way, to the outdoors.  
We've got several cases here waiting to go to the competition winners!
For more information on Wildlife Energy Drink go to their website here: www.WildlifeEnergy.com 








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