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Links, Your Sites & Ours

As this season kicks off, I wanted to write a post about getting your links and information on our site.  We?ve had inquiries from various individuals, groups, and organizations about getting their links on our site.

Aligning with the underlying principles of this site, we strive to share information for, with, and between hunters in South Carolina.  So, if you are a hunting guide, deer processor, taxidermist, or a member of a group with a just cause, we will gladly post your information on our site.  Just email it over and we?ll get it up with relative speed.  WeHuntSC.com does not endorse one service over the other, but rather aims to get information out there so hunters can have access to it.

Companies who seek to advertise their products globally on our site do not fall in this category and should visit the Sponsor FAQ page for further information.


Clint Patterson


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