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An Interview + A Creative Remix = A Viral YouTube

This blog entry has nothing to do with hunting or the outdoors.

I see all kind of videos on YouTube and I?m sure you do too.  Though, every now and then I?ll see something that?s extremely funny, unbelievable, or creative.  When I see those kinds of videos I will normally forward the link on to some of my friends.  This past week I saw 2 related videos that encompassed funny, unbelievable, and creative at the same time.  While the nature of the crime isn?t funny, the guy in the video is.

Video 1 ? The News Story
A news show in Huntsville Alabama covered a story as seen in the below video

Video ? The Remix
Apparently some guys saw the interview and did a remix of the story, turned it into a song, auto-tuned it, shot some more video to mesh with the clips from the news station, and posted it to YouTube as seen in the below video.  The video went viral and is still circling the web.

After I saw the remix video I realized the creativity of the guys who created it.  I don?t know how people come up with stuff.  To see the first video alone, I would never have been able to envision what they did.  To think of the idea, edit the videos, get the lyrics right, and make it all time out and look good took some brilliance.  Creativity like this is what makes a video go viral.  The remix video already has over 8.5 million views and has only been out for a couple of weeks.  Other people are covering the song now and posting their own versions of the remix.  The song is also already available on I-Tunes and you can even get it as your ring-tone!  Run and tell that homeboy!



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