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Camo Skull Update
   WeHuntSC.com - Camo Skull Antler Pic
  You can dip the antlers too!

A few weeks ago I shot that 8 pointer and then I mentioned that I was taking it to Chris Melvin of Pin Oak Taxidermy in Great Falls, SC to have the skull done in this new ?camo skull? design.  I was anxious to see what the final product would look like and I recently got the mount back from Chris and have to say that I?m very pleased with it. The end product is very nice with a shiny finish and a very detailed design.

When I spoke with Chris he mentioned to me that he?s got some more new designs coming in and that, due to the technique used, no two camo skulls ever look the same so every one?s is unique. If you've shot a deer and don't want to do a full mount then you may want to give the camo-skull some thought.  It's a unique design that isn't as expensive, but is still pretty neat. 

Again, the price is $165 and the normal turn-around time is 2 - 3 months (given normal workload).  Give Chris a call and/or email and tell him that we sent you!



Below is a video of my camo skull in good light to give you an up-close idea of the final product.

If you?re interested in a camo skull, Chris? information is below:

Chris Melvin
[email protected]
Pin Oak Taxidermy
Great Falls, South Carolina



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