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Blake Hodge & Youngbloods TV

Youngbloods TV If you follow the site then you know that our fellow WeHuntSC.com blogger Blake Hodge stays busy in the outdoors and travels around a lot competing in Duck Calling Competitions. Blake’s recently got some exciting news that he’s too humble to share so I’m pumping him up here on the site even though he’s gonna get on me about it.

From winning multiple duck calling competitions, giving seminars for younger duck callers, being active in Ducks Unlimited, and being on a few different pro-staffs, Blake has gained notoriety in the waterfowl and broader hunting community. You may have read or previously seen some of Blake’s blogs here on the site and even a few of his videos. Blake and his dad (Daryl) also run a guide service called “The Wrecking Crew”.  Add all that up and you have a well-rounded individual.

The exciting news is that Blake has been asked to be the co-host a new and upcoming TV show called “Youngbloods TV”.  Blake will be co-hosting alongside of Buck Cumbo, an NC hunter and the “Youngbloods” will start out the initial season airing their show on the web and as they gain traction roll into the TV networks in the following year. Blake says that footage will come from hunting all game types, but we all know there will be some epic Waterfowl footage going on 

So congratulations to Blake on yet another milestone in his outdoor career. Join me in congratulating Blake on being selected as a co-host of a TV show. We hope to see you on the TV soon and you better be pumping up some WeHuntSC.com!

For more information on Blake, Buck Cumbo, or the Youngbloods TV show check out http://www.YoungbloodsTV.com

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