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The Duck Commander & Blake Hodge

Hello everyone, I?m very excited toshare this blog with you.  I was invited to come to Schofield Hardware in Florence, SC this past weekend to give a calling demo along with Phil Robertson a.k.a. the ?Duck Commander? and to help promote Drake Waterfowl and WinnTuck Waterfowl products for Schofields.

Winn Tucks' Blake Hodge with the Legendary Duck Commander at Schofield's Ace Hardware in Florence, SC

 The event was great and had a lot going on all day long. We were set up at our table promoting Drake & Winntuck and there were other tables promoting various waterfowl products as well.  The Duck Commander was over at his table signing autographs and somehow there was a slight difference in the size of the line at his table than the size of the line at mine!

When it came time for Phil to speak and me to call, they came and got both of us and took us behind the stage.  While we were walking toward the state Schofields was introducing Phil. At that moment in time, I was asking myself was this for real?  How cool is this? Shortly after Phil got on stage, they threw me a curve ball by having Phil introduce me! What?the Duck Commander introducing me???...it was too cool.  I wasn?t ready for that, but I was pumped about the intro.  After being introduced by the Duck Commander, he asked me to give a calling demo on my LCC Mayhem goose call.  He had heard that I sounded like a whole flock of geese from everyone at Schofields.

Ok, I said????no pressure here, being in front of everyone and the Duck Commander!  As you could almost hear a pin drop except for the nearby traffic, I let it rip and got a great response from Phil and everyone in the crowd.  Whew?..I couldn?t believe that I just called on stage with the Duck Commander!

After I called, the program was turned back over to Phil and he gave a very inspirational speech that kept everyone glued to their seats. Once, he finished up, he went back inside to continue signing autographs and taking pictures. After the speech I got to something else that was neat.

Schofields not only had the Duck Commander, but they had Mud-Flap from Eagle 92.9 out of Florence, SC.  After the calling demo I got to do a live radio broadcast with him!  It was really neat.  After the broadcast, I couldn?t help but smell all the great food that was being cooked by none other than ?Cooks for Christ? and I?m telling you they cooked a great chicken bog!

I continued to promote Drake and WinnTuck products until the event was over. After that I headed back home to catch up with some friends at our Buford High football game and tell them about the Schofields event.

As I?m writing this today, I?m still pumped up over it and would like to give a big Thanks to everyone at Winntuck, Drake, & Schofields Hardware in Florence, for not only having but supporting me as well.

Until next time-Happy Hunting,


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