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Christmas weekend, Hunting, & a Stomach Virus

First and foremost I would like to say that I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!  We had a good one and it?s always good to get to see family and be able to give gifts to the special people in our lives.  

The Recap
I took Wednesday off and my friend Lee Mills came in to town on Tuesday evening.  We hung out and went deer hunting on Wednesday morning.  Lee is a nurse and works odd hours and, because of this, he has developed odd sleeping hours/habits and can sleep or wake at any time.  Needless to say, at 5:30 he came in my room with a bright light on my face and a video camera conducting an interview.  I knew he was up to something as he was giggling as he was talking.  I regained my vision and started getting up once I realized that I wasn?t seeing a bright light because I had just died and was on my way out.  I guess everybody?s got a friend like that... do you?
We were up early and getting dressed to go and I had everything we needed for a successful hunt.  We were heading to a buddy stand that would hold both of us.  We were trying to get some video for the site again.  I got in the truck first and as Lee came and sat down in the truck I smelled a strong whisk of cologne as the air moved in the truck with him.  I looked at him and said ?Lee, what do you have on under the camouflage?  We?re not going to a night club, we?re going deer hunting.  The deer are going to smell your freaking cologne a mile away.  Couldn?t you have worn any other shirts??  So I made him get out of the truck and at 32 degrees I sprayed him down with Scent-Away and soaked his upper body.  He laughed, but he was also not happy to be getting wet when it was so cold.  At this point, I knew that it would probably not be the best scenario for a good chance at a deer, but you never know.  So we went hunting and sat in a buddy stand for about 2.5 hours and then we had to go.  I couldn?t feel my fingers and I imagined all the deer (if there were any nearby) smelled Lee?s cologne and were probably laughing at us.  
  WeHuntSC.com Vinyl Sticker on Hummer
   Close up view of WeHuntSC.com sticker on Hummer
After the hunt we, of course, went to Bojangles and then went and got 200 pounds of corn.  We returned back to the woods and put out corn on 4 different stands including the one we had just sat in.  The deer had absolutely pawed the ground to bare dirt eating the corn we had out.  Since the deer were eating corn again I wanted to give them all they wanted right here before the end of the season.  There was also a tree that had fallen in the road and we took an axe in there and chopped it up to make easier access for the old me I hunt with! Lol!  I tell you chopping a dried up, hard tree is much more difficult than chopping a tree that has recently fallen or should I say still has some water/moisture in it.  My hands were hurting by the time we got through with this task.
After we got back to the house we got in Lee?s Hummer and rode in it for a bit.  He wanted to see how the Hummer would handle in some outdoor terrain.  So we put it to the test and drove it up and down some steep inclines, through a mud hole or two, and tested it out.  I will say that it didn?t have any problems trekking down or up any slopes and the wheels only slid one time.  Now, he did get some mud thrown up on it during the process, but I think Lee got that sprayed off pretty quickly after that though. So the Hummer did well in all situations on all terrains.  Since Lee rode the Hummer through the woods, I told him that he needed a WeHuntSC.com decal on his truck.  So we put a Johnson Graphix, vinyl WeHuntSC.com decal on the back of his Hummer.  If you see a yellow Hummer around Charleston (and smell a strong wind of cologne coming from it) then you?ve located our boy!  Feel free to stop him and spray him down with some scent killer.
Also, we?ve had numerous inquiries about logos & decals.  We get our vinyl decals from Josh Johnson of Johnson?s Graphix in Pageland, SC.  We give out WeHuntSC.com stickers that are printed out in bulk, but if you would like a transparent vinyl decal, then you need to get up with Josh at Johnson_dzines[at]hotmail.com or by phone at 843.622.5701.  Josh has our art files and can get you a nice logo together without having to contact us.  The vinyl decals aren?t really that expensive, but we just can?t afford to do them in bulk quantities.  If you want one for your vehicle I?m sure Josh can get you a nice logo for a very reasonable price.  Just be sure you talk to him about how to install it!  If you are not familiar with putting vinyl stickers on a vehicle and/or double sided tape, then it can present quite the challenge (as it did for me and Lee), but in the end we were able to figure it out.  
Duck Hunting on Christmas Eve
I returned back to the swamp on Christmas Eve morning in hopes of seeing/shooting more ducks.  Josh set the bar pretty low when he told me that they only saw 4 ducks the day before!  Turns out, we only saw 8 on this particular day and none of them were close enough to get a shot on.  We just must be holding our mouths wrong or something.  I did get another short video in the swamp together though in case you want to see the same scenery that we were seeing.  We were back in the same spot, but just with a little extra camo cloth in the boat with us.
From now on, I think I?m going to defer all my duck hunting efforts to J-Duck!  Speaking of J-Duck? he is currently on a duck hunting excursion in Arkansas and says he?s got some good blog-content for when he comes back.  I?m interested to see what he?s got going on.  Anyway, my toes were numb and we stayed in the swamp for a long time hoping to see some geese, but in the end? nothing.  It was so cold that Marty?s duck calls were freezing or something because he was having trouble with it too!  I headed back to the house again to continue the Christmas day festivities.

The Stomach Bug
I had hoped to get to go out and hunt over all the corn that we previously put out, but on Friday night something got a hold of me and sidelined me for the next 2 days.  I woke up freezing, then burning up, chills ? you know the drill. It wasn?t good and I couldn?t even get out of bed.  All day Saturday I laid in bed and slept.  My family knew it was bad as I went all day and didn?t even turn the computer on.  I couldn?t eat much and I just rested all day.  Sunday was similar except I got a little bit of strength back and was able to drive back up the road, but I was not able to go hunting.  So I missed my 4 last chances to go hunting of the season?unless I take a day off this week, but that is unlikely.  

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